This weeks Whats Happened

Hiya all, hope you are all doing well and enjoying the holiday season?

I have spoken to a few people in game chat and had P/M’s chats to others and all have agreed that recently perhaps i the last week or so -actually maybe when ‘snowball fight’ game mode started, I noticed there has been a load of issues and today I kind of ran out of patience.

issues like;

’Some times’ If you swap to assault rifle or Torque bow and press ‘Left then Right Trigger’ nothing happens. You walk around looking down the barrel then get bodied.

Unable to swap weapons!!!
Had to write in game chat so that someone would kill me. It was a friendly lobby where if you weren’t pushing you were left alone - as we were using game chat.

Sticking to walls - AGAIN
Yes this issue has started to happen to me again recently - or when sliding to cover push left to wrap round it left and the character hits cover spins 180 faces the wrong way then runs right off the cover then stops. I then have to walk back onto the face of the cover and then walk round it to the left - Get Bodied .

In blood drive I was out side the 'nade entrance next to the square balcony area and got 1 shot down from a Gnasher form a enemy on cover on the opposite side of the 'nade room !!! seems a bit far to me.

Kill Cam some times does not show what happened ESPECIALLY when I wasn’t sure how I died and would of like to see it.

Spawning same side as enemies.

Game starts and while to lobby is full only 1-3 players are in and game chat kicks off

Ghost Shots! -AGAIN Gnasher in a enemies chest and getting nothing or 6% 18% 21% best was 1% in 2???

During one game in Guardian My boom shot went through a player and i got one banged by his Gnasher.
I re-spawned, he had picked up the Boom fired it at the ground near me and while it was defiantly enough to make me very 'very ’ red and me and a team mate behind cover exploded.
On Game chat we all said that it was B.S.
Kill cam showed my shot going through his chest and his hitting the ground the other side of cover and us exploding.

In another game of Guardian I was the Speaker and shot the Jin bot in the back, point blank after sneaking up on it. Jin spun round I fired a second round, Jin swapped to boom shot and at point blank (i was stood at the end of the barrel) blows me away and survives.
I get no damage points and Jin gets 100% in 1.
(I have played since GoW1 and there is no way that I missed those two easy gnasher shots - and I have never seen anyone fire a boom at point blank and not killed both players)

Today I needed 2 stars to make General I completed my Verses ToD for 6 stars and while I was awarded the 6 stars I wasn’t given the card. Back out at the main menu I was told that I had to still get 1 star and the ToD task was complete.

Rodie running then letting go of A for my character to then lock onto a wall and stay there until I press UP and A.

Torque bows sticking above left shoulder of characters or in front of their feet.

I walked up behind a enemy who was behind cover I shot him in the back and we traded!?! -NO kill cam,

I know pings play a big part and I too have been having games where I am sub 10ms and have others are 70-80-110-120ms or I’m 100+ and others are sub 20ms and there will be the odd issue but this last week has been a complete B.S. Show.

Anyone else having issues?


This is all PvP - PvE seems normal