This Weeks Developer Stream (18-06-20)

Timestamps for news are in the comment section of the video. Here’s a list of MY highlights:

MY highlights:

*Aim-assist is disabled for all weapons (DEVELOPER PLAYLIST ONLY)
*Active reloads for load-out weapons no longer provide a damage boost (DEVELOPER PLAYLIST ONLY)
*Classic Omen is not returning
*Potentially having the option to remove CCC animations (accidental mantle, vaulting, hopping up a platform, pulling enemies over cover etc)
*Eight-shot gnasher returns in Operation 4
*Playing as Swarm in co-op vs AI is a low priority; not happening anytime soon
*Terminator fixes will be in Operation 4
*Flashbangs return to load-outs with Operation 4
*Weapons rate of fire with active reloads remains the same


Flashbangs need to stay as pick ups the game plays so much better . Can’t believe there putting back in loadouts what a joke !

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They did mention that they will have less of a blinding effect, and focuses more on the stun

They should put them in the dev playlist and let us try them.

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Removing CQC animations would do more harm than good when it comes to PvE especially Escape. They are meant to be some of cheapest ways to take on Drone-enemy. Who would want to toggle that off? Unless that’s for PvP, then ignore this.

They did mention having the ability to toggle it on/off, but I don’t remember them saying if it would be universal or just for a specific mode in the options menu

They were talking about encounters near walls (vaulting, grabbing enemies over cover) - maybe they forgot to mention the melee combo, or maybe that’s a different system entirely

I think they would have been better off just adding the stun effect to smoke if you land it at their feet… having the choice for 2 different ones is not good, cause guaranteed you’re going to get in situations where you need one, but you have the other, all because you had to predict which one to go with when you have no clue what situations you’re going to be in just spawning in…

Like enemies are spread out, you need a smoke to block off visuals one way and try to flank, but you already chose flash… it’s no good cause where they are, it’s going to be impossible to land it at their feet for the stun… dead. Switch to smoke, now they are all together lancering. Smoke can cut off visuals and maybe you’ll get lucky they don’t see you, but not likely, at least one of them will track you, you really needed the flash to break that setup…

It’s just not a good idea to me, yea if you’re good you should be able to access and handle any situation, but idk, I just feel like there’s going to be kills that just comes down to luck, because they chose the wrong one, had they chose the other they probably would have got that exchange.

That’s all I’m saying, I thought about this after they announced it, obviously, that’s why I think they should have just added the stun back to the smoke, that way you don’t have to worry about making a bad prediction pre-game/respawning, you have one nade that can do either, you just use it accordingly.

How exactly are those cheap ways to kill the enemies that can kill everyone within 5 or less seconds if they shoot someone who’s not Lahni, Mac(outside venom) or Cole? It only seems fair to me we have ways to counter those absurd things if we manage to get close to them.

It’s subjective but that’s not the point. What I was referring to is like, if we take cover opposite of some bot, they are just gonna mantle kick us. I don’t see why anyone would be crazy enough to toggle that off, so they can’t do the same to the bots. It’s putting themselves at disadvantage.

The only one exception this could help is for Cole when he does tackling but ends up vaulting instead. And if he’s tanky and melee immune, he could get away with bot mantling him.

The effect of the flashbangs have been significantly reduced, they’re essentially stun grenades now.

Making a choice of grenade doesn’t mean your at a disadvantage. It’s actually the opposite

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Ranked right now plays so much better without the stuns and flashes end of . Smokes are so more tactical in my eyes . When we had flashes as loadouts it was like playing that rubbish game gears judgement again , spam a grenade then shoot soon as you see someone . Really boring meta .

But stuns have always been in Gears outside of G1, so technically they aren’t doing anything new. The new Flashbang has been reduced to the point that it’s essentially become a stun grenade.

So now you have the option of a dedicated smoke or a dedicated stun rather than them being combined like in G2-G4.

The game is more tactical now than it’s ever been . Compared to the meta at launch it was throw a stun rush him , rinse and repeat . Boring in my eyes a lot of people don’t want stuns as loadouts so I don’t know why they are putting back into the game

I guess if you’re Dr. Strange and thus can look into the future of what situation you’re going to be in, to know which one you’ll need, you might have a point, but alas… some people just don’t read too much into things.

I don’t have the time to suffer that video, so I’ll comment on each of your points.

Aim-assist is disabled for all weapons (DEVELOPER PLAYLIST ONLY)- Good. Hopefully it’s removed from ALL PVP playlists in the near future.

Active reloads for load-out weapons no longer provide a damage boost (DEVELOPER PLAYLIST ONLY) - Given you can endlessly reload until you get an active, I’m happy to have the damage boost removed.

Classic Omen is not returning - This disgusts me. While it’s better than the Immersive monstrosity, the “Simple” Omen is still oversized and ugly. They better change their mind and respect traditions.

Potentially having the option to remove CCC animations (accidental mantle, vaulting, hopping up a platform, pulling enemies over cover etc)- Utterly pointless thing to discuss. It’s part of the game, deal with it.

Eight-shot gnasher returns in Operation 4 - Good, only took them 10 months.

Playing as Swarm in co-op vs AI is a low priority; not happening anytime soon - Disappointing, but unsurprising.

Terminator fixes will be in Operation 4 - The only “fix” for them is to remove them.

Flashbangs return to load-outs with Operation 4 - Unless they’re seriously nullified to the point they’re a minuscule stun grenade, this will be disastrous.

Weapons rate of fire with active reloads remains the same - And so they should, albeit with exceptions for the Boltok and Torque Bow.

That’s not the point, with choosing my grenade I will then choose to put myself in an advantageous place with. If ur feeling like u always have the wrong grenade, when we could change them. That’s not the games fault.

I think the damage boost with actives should stay. Am I alone here? Honestly I can play without, but I feel like this is just removing things for removal sakes. Lancer is not OP at all outside dev playlist.

Happy flash gs are back. I’m excited for something new. Gameplay desperately needs quality of life improvements. Add the booshka. Add some weapons for horde only like the DBS.

The problem for ME and it might be just my opinion but so many games are adding new weapons, new maps, new events, challenges…and G5 feels like I’m playing an old game with the same play style every match. I’m literally falling asleep trying to enjoy a match. Questioning my interest for the series.

Any of you bros feel the same?

No, I feel the same. TC can nerf the Lancer to zero damage and people will still say it’s OP
Gears is nowhere near the standard it used to be at - and it’s trying way too hard to be something it’s not

Remove the store
Remove expressions, flags and sprays
Make skins earnable

If you’re going to charge for weapon skins, bundle them, and stop charging ridiculous prices for a single one. £5 for ONE weapon skin, and £8.50 for ONE character skin? That’s extortion

They’re trying to pull it back, and this Dev playlist is definitely a step in the right direction

They should keep the active reload and all its perks, but remove the ability to reload a full a clip. There needs to be some give-and-take. AR’s are a huge part of Gears

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Seems like there’s zero incentive to play the new developer playlist though. You’re not getting any reward, you’re not getting any extra scrap or experience. There’s also hardly anybody doing it, so you’re getting people from far away with high ping. I played one match then questioned why I should continue.