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This week is the week bois

Today is, as TC put it, “The big’ol reveal” so let’s hope they don’t lie again and ACTUALLY reveal all. Here are my finals predictions of all content dropping in Operation 2.

Baird, Lizzie, Kantus and Locust drone.
Gridlock, new map x2
FFA and 2v2 with asylum and foundation as maps.
Tour of duty to have many Cog Gear variants.

You sure that they tell today?

No “what’s up” today… Pushed to later this week i believe.

Lol I’m literally the one who posted that that.

This seems relevant.

Oh, yea i don’t pay attention to names

I predict that the game will still be ■■■■■■■. Fix the hit registration, fix the team balancing, fix punishing players for staying in a game instead of quitting like the rest of your teammates, fix the game crashing for literally no reason. Fix the big issues, then you can work on cosmetics.

I agree but the people fixing the game aren’t the one making cosmetic…