This week in gears?

It’s past 4:00 pm and nothing on it yet anyone know anything?

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I did my job releasing my Daniel’s what’s down :smile: Im waiting now for TC to do their job hahahaha :smile:


U think they will just copy and paste your 1 and add some pics??

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it wouldn’t surprise me if they did that… I mean they haven’t done much lately hahhahahaa :smile:

Pretty sure they would of made a cake for octus leaving🎈

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Octus man… what can I say… he doesnt have neither the math nor his skills right …

he has left and I think that’s great man …

It’s up now. The usual let down.

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FFS how much Carmine crap do we need?

Tiger skins and anchor mark look cool, at least.

What, so they can’t even be freaking bothered to actually not just recycle the already made Gary, Ben and Anthony skins for the next few weeks, and instead sell them alongside a new character skin in the weekly tab?

I saw this one coming a mile away(the Carmine skins being recycled as the “new” weekly offer even though they were already made), but still… ffs TC, you can do better.

3 weeks of skins I already own sigh

Yeah what the ■■■■ is this recycled ■■■■■■■■.

I knew they said they would recycle the skins for the Store as separate purchases for the future. What I did not see in that statement was that they would REPLACE ANY OTHER CHARACTER SKINS. What does TC think, that players are god damn overwhelmed if there’s more than one character skin per week in the weekly store?

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We’re 20 Weeks deep without a Lizzie skin.

On a side note, Do we really need the tiger skin set? Replace that and give us a new skin. Instead of biker Gary which a ton of people have.

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Well at least TC has now realized maybe showing the eSports Store offerings before the day they go up is a good idea.

I still want more Lizzie things. But I guess they have other cash cows to milk before they pay attention to their wasted character again.

My iron is safe for like 4 weeks LMAO. Besides clayton

I might pick up the carrion set if they’re gonna release the rest through Gears esports streams

Other than Hivebuster Kait for the last week my Iron’s been safe ever since around the middle of Op 2 when I got the 100 days Boost offer… and I still got way too much of it with nothing interesting to spend it on. Never thought I’d actually regret not having anything to buy.

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I never bought anything for the store, but I like that tiger skins are complete in a single pack (and is a reasonable price).