This Week in Gears – September 14 - 20

Laugh in Casan voice

Matchmaking is broken. Just had two quickplay matches with 4 players total and 3 was on a team -_-

Regal weapon’s skin/banner are well worth the iron,
As well as the character set
Not yet tried the map(s)Dawn/village,(horde)will try and play them today crossing fingers

Am I trippin’, or did they change the UIR Cosmonaut’s colors a bit? Something looks off.

Edit: Never mind, I’m just losing it.

I coulda sworn his armbands were red & Lizzie’s utility belt was higher & also more red, but Google images shows otherwise. This gotta be some Mandela Effect bull ■■■■.
Whatever. Carry on, folks.

Thanks alot for removing Jack’s movement speed perk, ■■■■■■■. In instances where Jack winds up being the engineer or actually smelts…this has made it drastically harder.

Please don’t bother telling me using the forge is pointless or that the perk only works when Jack is carrying something (I know that). There are 100 instances and scenarios where the perk was helpful to me and my play style. Completely pointless NERF

That perk didnt work (edit: if it worked only with picking up weapons, there is a card to make him stay invisible whilst doing so)

The change wasnt a nerf.

Testing shown below and Michaels response.

Most of us were happy with a change :slight_smile:

Damage perk would have been better!

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I am definitely pro combat Jack, so I agree


Oscar’s character model looks really poorly done. His jacket looks extremely stiff around his body, and parts of his arm disappears into his body during certain actions. For example during the Escape intro you can clearly see this happen to the inside of his arm as he goes to put the ventilator mask on.

And in terms of physics, his jacket should move in a totally different manner (given that it’s open - it’s clearly not buttoned or zipped up).


Yeah did think it was below par myself, which granted is genuinely rare.

We were getting burned by someone else’s incendiary grenade earlier. Is that a change or a bug? You have a list!

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No! It is @TC_Shauny who has g… oh wait… no… never mind…

First thing I was told was a change turned out not to be after I tested it,

It’s also a fun guessing game of intentional change or bug :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said, after 22 days logged in as Jack, I’m well aware it only worked when Jack carries something.

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No worries :slight_smile:

Lol. Ok?

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Nothing is worth iron when you can wait a week and get something for free.

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Major Paduk’s are red and regular UIR soldier’s are, and it is just pallet swapped with a different helmet.


Wtf is up with Barricks arms? This must be the on slimfast Barrick.

Check G3 and then this. Like what? Lol

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Yeah he looks puny in game but looks normal in the customization screen