This Week in Gears – September 14 - 20

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to another This Week in Gears blog. Operation 8 Drop 2 arrives tomorrow, catch up on everything launching here!

Now, let’s dive into what lies ahead this week.

Versus Event: New Map Rumble

To kick off Operation 8 Drop 2 we are running a New Map Rumble Event that will allow you to take charge of your new stomping grounds Village and Dawn, and shed enemy blood on Ritual. You’ll be battling it out in Control and Capture the Flag, and these will be 5v5 matches!

We also have a special medal group for this event which will lead you to earn the Snake Loadout Reward Set.

Medal Name Description Stars
Rumble Veteran Complete 5 Matchesin New Map Rumble 4
Rumble Carnage Deal 50,000 Damage in New Map Rumble 5
Rumble Body Count Get 50 Eliminations in New Map Rumble 5
Rumble Champion Win 5 Rounds in New Map Rumble 6

Featured Hive: The Split

The Split forces you to make a choice. Do you head to the med-bay where you can give yourself an “extra life” or will you make your way to a fabri-station where you can get some lethal weapons?

Which will you choose?

XP Event

To celebrate Drop 2, we will be running a Double XP Event + Boost (including class XP) from Friday, September 17th to Monday 20th. This will go live at 10:00 AM PT, so get ready to grind all weekend!

Weekly Store

  • New Character Bundle – 700 Iron
  • Regal Weapon Set– 850 Iron
  • Armored Alicia – 250 Iron
  • Armored Barrick – 250 Iron
  • Last Stand Oscar – 250 Iron
  • Rager – 250 Iron
  • Regal Banner – 200 Iron

Feature Store

  • Academy Anthony – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gears Coins
  • New Wave Legacy Set – 425 Iron, 3,400 Gears Coins
  • Stage Bow Expression – 300 Iron, 2,400 Gears Coins
  • LOL Bloodspray – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Knight Mark – 125 Iron, 1,000 Gears Coins

Gears esports

And here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!


  • Chrome Steel Anya – 9.99 USD
  • Swarm Pod Loadout Set – 7.99 USD

Patch Notes


  • Fixed various level of detail issues in Ritual (in a wall carving, a wall carving near the COG Spawn, and on treetops).
  • Fixed an issue where female characters sometimes held the gun like a pistol, during idle animation.
  • Fixed an issue where two users could not hear each other after switching to Game Chat from a Party Chat when one of them was muted.
  • Fixed an issue where Trinity Vrol would use Kantus voice for some lines.
  • Fixes to various rare crashes across Versus.


  • Blademaster's Shock Chain Skill Card now functions correctly against Lambent enemies in Horde.
  • Infiltrator's passive will no longer deal bonus damage for shots that are not your first shot during cloak.
  • Fixed an issue where a player's gun can fire blanks after missing first reload in Horde when the Active Reload Mutator is enabled.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the game could crash while skipping Waves in Horde.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing missing enemy spawns across multiple Escape Hives.
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard could not be closed if it was opened while the match results screen was active.
  • Fixed an issue in Horde and Escape where switching classes with LB/RB was causing incorrect class to be chosen.
  • Fixes to various rare crashes across Escape.


  • Card and Icon art for the Savage Swarm Grenadier is now displaying correctly.
  • Highlighted text in the Pause Menu will now respect colorblind settings.
  • Store page can now be reached from Expression preview.
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed while downloading images to show in Store and News.
  • The correct character customization model is now set after the player returns from the store.
  • Fixed minor instances of debug text being visible when language was set to Italian.

Operation 8 Drop 2 Launch Time

Operation 8 Drop 2 arrives tomorrow. The title update will launch at 10:00 am PT and the live update will launch at 12:00 pm PT, meaning this is when you will get your hands on all the new content!




Thanks, good night.


Chrome Steel Anya.

Fine, TC. Take my god damn money.


Chrome Steel Anya…


Cant wait to try out the new map rumble either. Not a bad week.


Are we there, yet!? Or too soon!? :grin:

Honestly. CS Anya over BS Anya :eyes:



Disagreed but I like having options and have over $10 worth in Bing rewards credit so I’ll just spend that on her.

No one can say I’m not committed to my favorite character.

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Interesting. I thought they’d finished the Chrome Steel skins and had transitioned over to BS from now on as they’re more popular. I’m glad they haven’t as in some instances I much prefer certain CS ones to BS. Also hope we’ll get a CS Cole skin, so all of the Delta Squad characters will have a CS one to match each other.


I understand, I just think lighter colors look really good on her.

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@TC_MichaelAOS I dont see anything about the broken jack perk in horde, did the fix not make it?

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Happy theres a fix for Shock Chain not chaining to Lambent. Hoping there’s a fix for the silent enemies and they just forgot to put it in the patch notes lol

Chrome Steel Anya looks fire. If Swarm Pod is animated i might drop some money on it.

@Ultra_Gnasty Anya got a chrome steel so maybe Sam will get one eventually.


Now can you please fix offline customization because it also messes up campaign and hivebusters because you can’t change characters. It also makes arcade basically unplayable. Thank you

That’s it? 8 Fixes ? There are still about 120 more Fixes needed lol.

Y’all can’t be serious.


I assume part of that popularity is the fact that BS skins are 70% cheaper than CS skins lol.

I prefer the look of BS by far but I’m a sucker for Anya and this will almost certainly be her last skin. I’ll get it.

No control anya :pensive:

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So, no fix to the AI Soldiers clocking out when hit by a Lambent explosion? No neck fix for the Therons/Flame Grenadier, either. At least female characters stop holding ARs like pistols in the customization screen, right?


Which is weird. But it’s fine. I probably wouldn’t use it as much as BS/HB/base anyway.

I used her in multi mainly, not horde. But I always liked that look for her.

In horde I used her base or BS or civie version.

In all fairness last I heard they have 1 person doing everything for PvE