This Week in Gears – October 5 - 11

I cant really recognize reds or greens lol.

I’m terrible at recognizing most colors tbh.

I just know that I like it when I see it.


Pumped for Inmate Marcus. They should tatt him up and make him extra swole too. After all he’d been locked up for years with nothing better to do other than lift. Looks like man-hands makes her return. Another Island Glow set? I’m afraid they’re in danger of overdoing it after getting good reviews on these sets. When will it end? Do we really need an Island Glow for every color?

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I have red/green and yellow/blue colorblindness so most colors looks the same, theres shades of certain colors i can actually distinguish which are the ones I like. Lol

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Damn I hate how this op has been nonstop pvp rewards but damn it want that teal I could Actually play this

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In case somebody needed even more confirmation that all skins shown in the trailer weren’t coming by the time this Operation ends.

I am just waiting for Heroic RAAM to be happy :frowning:

What colors do you really like then? Lol.

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I had to laugh at this. In my experience, the Unstoppable Threat usually makes it to the first supply room…and that’s about it.

Ooh, and look! Anya’s hands are still huge in the photo! Good times.

Otherwise, meh.

Well duh obviously her hands are fine :sunglasses:


XP event for Canadian Thanksgiving please? Ive been holding off boosting the last reup and a half in hopes of an XP event at some point.


With another good player you can safely skip supply rooms and just unga bunga your way to the helipad. Saves about 5-8 minutes, depending on usual pace.

Blue and Pink are my favorite colors. Mostly because when I see them I can tell what they are.

Colors like yellow/green/red/brown all look the same to me and if someone asked me what color something is I literally can’t tell them what color it is lol

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Teal skins look ok so will probably earn those.

The end game feel is very real though isn’t it?

Wreck-It Anya :smirk:


I sometimes cant tell colors because I dont know the specific name of that shade. Like I’m still unsure if the COGs signature color is royal blue or not lmao.

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I would love to comment on this but there are children present :smirk:

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Indeed, wise kitty. But where’s the fun in that?

I want that smart-:peach: idiot to be sentenced to endless suffering alone in a room full of Venom.

Idk, beats having to wait for the Scion each time. And the hive is pretty boring overall already, speedrun at least slightly spices things up.

Still waiting for the UIR Officers to come back after a very long time.

Does the FFA have OSOK rules on ?

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