This Week in Gears - October 19 - 25

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another This Week in Gears blog. As we approach the end of Operation 8 Drop 2, we wanted to let you know that we will be moving away from weekly blog posts. With that in mind, we will keep you in the loop of the store refreshes on our social channels so be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates.

Versus Event: Control

You know the objective: capture a ring that’s 2.5 times bigger than the regular KOTH ring and stay inside to score points for your team! But that’s not all.

This week we are rolling out a small batch of updates to preview in our Control Versus event. We have been testing and iterating on these updates with a small group of experienced players, and believe they are nudges that will improve moment-to-moment gameplay.

At a high level this update is meant to:

  • Improve the balance of load out and precision weapons.
  • Improve the ability to showcase individual skill, especially in Gnasher battles.
  • Reduce delays and improve fluidity of player movement.

We’ll share more in-depth details in an upcoming forum post.

As we move forward with our future projects, our team can only focus on precise changes like these, aimed at making Gears 5 multiplayer gameplay remain an enjoyable experience for everyone for a long time. We welcome you to play the event and let us know if you prefer this newer tuning or the current one.

Featured Hive: The Mines

Some light peaking through the mines

This week's featured Escape Hive is The Mines! Which path will you choose to set the fastest time? Fight your way to the branch and choose your fate.

Weekly Store Update

New items for the Gears Store, available from October 19, 2021
  • Helmetless Commando Duo – 750 Iron
  • Helmetless Akagi – 500 Iron
  • Helmetless Sanguino – 500 Iron
  • Camo Weapon Set – 425 Iron
  • Scythe Mark – 125 Iron
Featured Store Featured store items for the week October 19 through 25
  • Motor Pool Lizzie – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Hot Rod Jack – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Hot Rod Legacy Set – 850 Iron, 6,800 Gears Coins
  • Carried Away Bloodspray – 125 Iron, 1,000 Gears Coins
  • Bombsaway Mark – 65 Iron, 500 Gears Coins

Gears Esports

The latest Gears Esports skin is the Black Steel UIR Female which is available in-store for 2.99 USD.

Black Steel UIR Female

Esports Skins Update

After a fantastic lineup of Black Steel Characters, the UIR Female will be the last new character skin to grace the Esports Store. But as we announced a few weeks ago, a variety of store items will be making a return. This means we’re also working on bringing back Black Steel characters for you in an Essentials drop during November. Stay tuned for future news on the exact date when they’ll be up for grabs!

As always, keep grinding and have a great week!




Glad they started off with the helmetless commandos

No Black Steel Sam, ever? Are you serious?

Well… good for people who like the female but I wanted BS Dom.

I also dont think you have a insta account lol. It says it’s not found.

Black Steel Bacon prob gonna get released before Sam

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@Ultra_Gnasty I’m sorry. My friend. No chrome steel or black steel sam. I am devastated as well.


@Ultra_Gnasty You have my deepest sympathies.

Also, I’m disappointed that Cole doesn’t get either a CS or BS variant, so he’s the one main Delta Squad member who gets left out.

And worse still - Del and JD - two of the campaign’s main characters whose default skins have been available since launch, haven’t got one either. Ridiculous.

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I’m guessing its because nobody ever plays as him?

I’d totally play as gears 3 cole or superstar, I’m just not a fan of the classic cole skin.

@TC_GEARS any word on adding all the green and blue tier skins to the essentials list in the store?

I don’t use any of those lol. Still don’t understand why one person can’t just post the info here.

If these players are anything like the ones who apparently gave feedback about the last tuning update, I wouldn’t consider it an improvement lol. Having said that I will play it and see for myself.


Don’t think we’ll get the right feel for the tuning improvements as it’s a social event, therefore it’ll be filled with more casuals than the sweats in competitive.

Thoughts TC?..alright cool


Please, can we have an option to change the main menu music back to how it was originally?

The current one is really nice, but the OG one fit so well…

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They handled the Chrome Steels so bizarrely. None for JD or Del. No Cole. Putting the Chrome Steel Swarm Grenadier as a reward for E-Sports streams exclusively(?)

Idk. It’s lame we’re ending it on a rehashed black steel but at least it’s a rehash I think looks banging.


Sounds like a tuning revert incoming?

My god, probs the best news possible if so.

Well I take that back, the OP5 tuning needed absolutely no tampering with, I’d imagine that’ll what they’ll re-roll out and call it an update.


So basically the forums only exist for us to vent about randoms and game issues now, and TC doesn’t bother coming around here. Got it.

Nothing particularly interesting for the rest. Helmetless Commandos, I mean, they’re not gonna be that special so unlikely to see much use. More so considering they’re distinctly average and not really good or bad at anything in terms of voicelines, and don’t seem to be used that often. Looks like it to me, anyway.


Yep, Idk why it’s been the op 5 music for awhile. I’m playing gears 5, not 2.

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And grammar. When there’s nothing else, there’s always grammar.


Even if that’s the case which I don’t think that’s true it’s just weird to give all of OG Delta a CS and leave COLE hangin. Cole! That’s disrespectful, homie. And he was in the vanilla roster if I’m remembering that right. Maybe season 2.

I didn’t wanna be that guy… but given that Del was excluded from the Gilded skins (Road to Gears 5) despite Kait, JD and Marcus all getting one; and now Cole missing out on a CS/BS skin, I have concluded that the reason is racism. Screw TC, Imma go cook dinner and listen to some Public Enemy. :stuck_out_tongue: #fearofablackplanet

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Does the duty resets tomorrow?