This week in Gears Oct 12 -18

OCT 12, 2020


Due to today’s TU, Gears 5 is getting updated today to help prepare for the launch of the Series X | S.

Last Friday, we listed out the patch notes but a few big ones slipped through the cracks. Here they are:

  • Fixed the “Sticky Cover’ issue that occurred when players remap classic alternate, they are unable to roll from cover while holding the A button
  • Fixed an issue with Guardian where if the Leader doesn’t leave the spawn point, the spawns won’t flip.
  • Fixed an issue with Guardian where Players were unable to respawn if leader dies during respawn countdown.
  • Fixed an issue so users will no longer be able to stand on cover by repeatedly pressing start while mantling.
  • Fixed an issue in Ranked where kills that are finished by environmental map features now grant the User GP.
  • Fixed an issue in FFA where sometimes all weapon spawns are only Gnashers instead of regular weapon pick ups.

We’re also updating the Developer’s Playlist so we can test out changes to the Longshot, melee lunge, health regeneration and the Gnasher spread size. Checkout this post for all the details.


Weekly Versus Playlist: OSOK

We’re bringing back OSOK this week for two reasons.

  1. It’s awesome.
  2. We’re rolling out a new tuning for the Longshot (in this mode and the Developer’s Playlist) and we want to see what everyone thinks.


The Split is sticking around for a bit longer.

The Split forces you to make a choice. Do you head to the med-bay where you can give yourself an “extra life” or will you make your way to a fabri-station where you can get some lethal weapons.

Which will you choose?


Weekly New Store

  • Outsider Kait – 250 Iron
  • Voodoo weapon set – 425 Iron
  • Boxing Showboat expression – 300 Iron

Weekly Featured Store

  • Cobweb weapon set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Gears Coins
  • RIP bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Gears Coins
  • RIP mark – 65 Iron or 500 Gears Coins

  • Chrome Steel Locust Drone – $9.99 USD
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Thanks G


43 weeks no new Elizabeth skin.

Outsider Kait!?!, Beanie Kait is best Kait.

Also ■■■■ You TC

I paid 15 dollars for the cobweb set and didn’t even get to finish the ■■■■■ and now it’s free.

I’m glad I payed money to support you.


The only good thing was Outsider Kait.


Now now Rez. Play nice.

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I prefer HB Kait to be fair. Covers her tattoos and everything.

Being fair to TC. It’s not like I shouldn’t have seen this coming.

They have a way of screwing over their fans 90% of the time.


Exactly lol. I’m not much bothered by it, but it’s inevitable my man.

Well they haven’t yet given out the Eclipse skins from the Op 2 bundle for free(coins) yet. I expect them to show up at some point but it’s been like what, 9-10 months since they appeared?

So they don’t always do it wrong. Although the whole incomplete weapon skins are a mess of their own. Totally not hinting at the never finished Chrome Steel weapons.


Like the Guardian fixes… didn’t realize either one was a bug lol thought being deep enough in spawn was an intentional thing to prevent the swap(not one that I agreed with nor ever did) and also didn’t know they intended to return to 4’s rules of still spawning if you was in the process when leader died.

So definitely good that both fixed… also happy they finally did the Cobweb, well mixed, cause it was totally “awesome” to drop 3400 coins on the whole set when I only needed 4 guns (their fault for never releasing Precision set) but I did anyways.

I remember when I asked about this and someone at TC (probably someone who left) said it was intentional, lol.

For people who wanted to know how drastic the Mac change was

Fire who ever approved this


Chrome steel should only be $5 or less lol

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Is there no Halloween skins this year…? Little disappointed right now tbh

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Yeah we got new Mac skin…scary!


I think you mean someone skinned Mac and is wearing him.


Hahaha you might be right there :+1:

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Once again I read about the next update, which added new skins to part 5, but what about part 4 and those skins that are needed to get achievements: I Like Em Crispy and Better Than Bacon ??? I understand everything, there were promises, it was said that they did not forget about this update, but the question is when ??? When will I be 60? 70 years old? How many more skins should I see in part 5 before I wait for the long awaited update in part 4 ??? it’s not funny anymore. why should we buy skins in part 5 if later it will no longer be supported as well as part 4?

Since the update, I have connection problems with the social tab : error message and not possible to see my friends.
Not to mention the return of the sticky cover during a roadie run for 2 weeks for me !
That becomes unplayable in all modes and especially on the Escape with Cole sticking to all the covers, or leapfrogging with his torch tackle and, be killed during his super slow melee animation.