This Week in Gears: November 24 - 30

Oh man,

This is wrong on so many levels. Took ■■■■■■■ forever to get those weapon skins.

Just wow. This is ■■■■■■ up. Thanks for slapping your fans right in the ■■■■■■■ face.


Preach daddy

To think I was excited all week to see what they brought us in our first big store reveal of op 5
At least we get flame grenadier… but at what cost…


Damn right,

And I had to do it twice. Once for my son and for myself. I’m so ■■■■■■■ pissed I do t think I’ll sleep tonight.

Where’s my beer.


About enough?

No? More

There we go now the games starting to get good


I’m a tad more sympathetic towards ranked rewards, honestly. The system was so broken especially in season 1, that I ended up getting last in the world while my Guardian partner got #1.

We played almost every game together, constantly battled each other for MVP, and were top 5 for wins in ranked Guardian.

Got deranked three times, each time being around 6000 points.



It’s a true slap to the PvP community…

The most casual ranked system giving up the most grindy rewards for ranked skins…

I hit masters soloing & I had no intention to grind this op!!! Masters playing solo!? That’s never happened to me… let alone under 3 hours…


If TC wants the black phantom skins to be available again, put them behind a difficult challange or something of the sort, just “giving” them away is not fair to people who worked for them, whats next in a few months your going to sell the venom skins for 5000 coins?


Must be AT LEAST beat the campaign on hardcore co-OP, reup 10 time, and getting at least twice as many xp or whatever that last challenge was


Now that’s a good friend right there lol.


I don’t even have the phantom skins, just the tailon & I feel your pain.

They really suck for that.


This “weak” in gears

Anyways anyone trynna complete ice queen?


I really appreciate that,



Women wrestlers are skimpy dressed and that is a big no no for TC. They only like to show off guy skin and oscars bulge.

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Alright, that’s it. That’s word number two. I’m sending a dictionary to TC’s Studio.

I humbly request that all employees first look up the words “Tactical” and “Exclusive”. Once each individual locates them, if they don’t require a rest, they should read the definition slowly and carefully out loud at least twice.



Fr they all about that Oscars budge though

Those 16+ pride skins really showing their worth now.

To be frank, Oscars bulge was lit :fire: hahahah

You right, no WWE females. They probably jealous of the female WWE stars

So much for “diversity”

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You have a really good point there bro but I’m sorry i gotta disagree with you. Sure they have hella passion but they didnt go through:
1.Getting 1 Milion xp challenge points in gears 4 multiplayer.
2. Hitting re-up 10.
3. Cimpleting all campaign acts on hardcore.
**I’m sorry but i cant see any feasible reason they truly deserve it if they didn’t do any of that **


Word brother!


That’s what I said in my one quote, that they need to do AT LEAST those things (personally I believe it should be more) to earn this skin like the rest of us, the passion was more so people that already have it vs now it meaning nothing being any regular ole joe can pick up these skins


I dunno,

Maybe they responded to the wrong person. Was puzzled myself, but loved that they remembered all that it took to get them.

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Right even I couldn’t recall the last one of those 3 challenges, and I call myself a gear :man_facepalming:

And I see what message he responded to it’s one of my earlier ones before I made my point of them need to at least be put through what we went through to get the skins piggy backing off what @x00FireWolf00x said