This Week in Gears: November 24 - 30

Haha how appropriate right next to the Black Phantoms in the pic is JD giving us the middle finger. :laughing:


I’m curious if they have something planned to replace these with something else?

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Screwed us.

It think they have issues.

No game I’ve seen this terrible to their fan base.

These guys lost their gaming honor badge.


@todo_ese_jugo right ? Middle finger again.

These guys are the real jokers. I’m convinced they’re the casuals.

They’re like the Jamis Winston of gaming.

A lot of good with equally a lot of terrible decisions.


Shouldn’t his shirt be black?

Side note it’s funny that they do this crap now, but on 4 the main vintage skin I wanted, they held to their guns to keep exclusive lol… Kait obviously, wanted her, I wasn’t there for the Beta, I didn’t even own an XB during the GOW 4 Beta… always was a PS guy, buddy of mine got me hooked on GOW 4 MP enough to buy my own XB

So just saying it’s funny, they kept their integrity to not let me have the Kait skin I wanted, I only missed cause I didn’t even have an XB yet… now they’re liars lol

So much for black phantom skins staying exclusive.


It’s a straight up mockery.

& we keep getting wwe dudes. Heck I want the females. I don’t swing that way

I don’t wanna play as a rainbow dude, Dont matter how amazingly dope the skins are.

Gimmie Gail Kim as a villain so I can spam her & we good.

WWE women needs some equality in gears! Cmon dudes aren’t the only ones who play


Ya admittedly I like the weapon skins, glad the pack was free for me, damn sure wouldn’t have paid for it… so ya I’ll use the weapons, but will never use the characters themselves

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For reals


Wonder when my Ice Kait I got with the controller will be dropped in the featured.


Ya I heard that and while that made me happy to be able to get the skins to match her. it’s still bs for the people who bought the hard drive(think That’s what the weapons came with, I only know Kait with the controller and Jack with the console)

But I’m not surprised either, I remember Vintage Oscar came with the Gears 4 console… but then they made him buyable with scrap later… they did that with literally every Vintage skin besides the one I actually wanted smh lol well I wanted Marcus Anya and Reyna too but got them.


Jesus, these takes are bad.

I grinded (ground?) for the black phantom set too. I’m happy it’s now available for other people. It’s a cool set and I had it for over a year to myself.

Quit your ■■■■■ ing.


If this trash goes live I’m dropping the game lol…TC has disappointed me too many times…

No way in hell did i just grind for an entire exclusive skin set just for randoms to take and capitalize on it like they put in work…

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WTH TC ?!..thought you said stuff like black phantom skins would stay exclusive…guess all that time and grind work was nothing…
Wouldn’t be surprised if they added the full Glided, motherboard and glory weapon skins next


Did no one at TC see the irony in pairing the flip off emote with the black phantom set they said they wouldn’t put in the store?

I mean I know it’s “reeling the bird” so it’s there because of thanksgiving, but come on now!



Their on a power trip.

Their unworthy of gears.

Bunch of coding intelligent people they are!

They’re not Gears.

More like The Coders & not The Coalation!

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The issue a lot of people are having is that TC have gone on multiple records saying that these Gears 4 legacy skins will never be available in the store or earnable again. Even as far as to set a time window on earning them essentially saying “You didn’t get it on time? Tough luck.”

I’m not particularly big on the gatekeeping of content myself but its just the fact that TC continued to reassure this would never happen and then turn around to do the complete opposite. Rubs alooooooot of people the wrong way. I dont find it right.


The CODERS!!! Not The Coalation!!! They’re officially stripped of the title

Have no shame!?!?

They knew exactly wtf they were doing. They just think they’re hard right now because WWE promoted their gane lol…

Their mindset=■■■■ the hardworking old fans the new fans and their money are all that matter!!!

It’ll be dead soon cause no way a person who spent as much time as me working for those skins will just look at that ■■■■ and be happy about it lolz