This Week in Gears: November 24 - 30

You may take a bunch of crap for this statement. Not from me (I don’t care one way or the other… hate ranked), but there are many people who dislike the new GP system because they feel the eliminations are far too forgiving to provide a true skill gap.

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I can somewhat agree with that honestly. Some people literally get carried for a rank up but don’t exactly deserve it. I’m typically #1 or #2 though for the most part.

But it wasn’t to prove to the community I’m a decent player, i don’t care about their opinion. it’s much more to prove to myself I’m a decent player as i saw diamond as the pinnacle of skill in gears 4.

Also not to get too off topic do you agree with them putting the Black Phantom in the store? I mean I wouldn’t blame you, they’re cool skins.

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Agree. This is ridiculous.


Dumb decision

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I don’t fuss over skins. I understand why some would be upset, though. If something is touted as limited edition, and later it is released widely, I can see that getting a reaction out of most people.

But you’re talking to the guy who spent a BUNCH of money to complete all achievements in Gears POP (first in the world actually) and now that they announced servers are closing, I am advocating they make the achievements in the game obtainable for everyone, because it’s crap that the game was only supported for 1.5 years.

Ultimately, in the end, this is a video game. People should have fun with a video game. If people think Black Phantom skins are fun, but weren’t around during the time the were initially available and are able to score them now, I’m not personally miffed about it.


Imo, ■■■■ exclusive items and limited time only items, I think everyone should be allowed to try to earn any weapon or character skin at some point. Whether the item is paid for and STAYS paid for or a challenge that STAYS doable whether servers get shut off etc. So I’m kinda happy I’ll get the phantom skins.

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Cool skins! Might buy them. Got plenty of coin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have the phantom set so yeah I’m pretty upset that they are trynna hook on all these new people that joined thanks to the WWE cross promotion, but now instead of knowing when I see someone in my lobby with these skins they are an avid gears lover and have as much passion and spend as much time as myself in this franchise, they could be any old just came to check it out cause I guy that’s cool on tv is in it, ergo giving this skin no meaning anymore.

ALSOOOOOOOO that CS Mac has to be the weakest chrome steel I’ve ever seen, first one of the op and this is the best they could give us? And single changed chest piece smaller than the womans armour? Really TC? What did you spend all this time doing, I’m glad we got separate classes but what’s the point of the engine working if the rest of the ship is falling apart?

Such a shame


Same with the ranked skins.

Now I won’t be able to tell who the real players are.

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Oh man,

This is wrong on so many levels. Took ■■■■■■■ forever to get those weapon skins.

Just wow. This is ■■■■■■ up. Thanks for slapping your fans right in the ■■■■■■■ face.


Preach daddy

To think I was excited all week to see what they brought us in our first big store reveal of op 5
At least we get flame grenadier… but at what cost…


Damn right,

And I had to do it twice. Once for my son and for myself. I’m so ■■■■■■■ pissed I do t think I’ll sleep tonight.

Where’s my beer.


About enough?

No? More

There we go now the games starting to get good


I’m a tad more sympathetic towards ranked rewards, honestly. The system was so broken especially in season 1, that I ended up getting last in the world while my Guardian partner got #1.

We played almost every game together, constantly battled each other for MVP, and were top 5 for wins in ranked Guardian.

Got deranked three times, each time being around 6000 points.



It’s a true slap to the PvP community…

The most casual ranked system giving up the most grindy rewards for ranked skins…

I hit masters soloing & I had no intention to grind this op!!! Masters playing solo!? That’s never happened to me… let alone under 3 hours…


If TC wants the black phantom skins to be available again, put them behind a difficult challange or something of the sort, just “giving” them away is not fair to people who worked for them, whats next in a few months your going to sell the venom skins for 5000 coins?


Must be AT LEAST beat the campaign on hardcore co-OP, reup 10 time, and getting at least twice as many xp or whatever that last challenge was


Now that’s a good friend right there lol.


I don’t even have the phantom skins, just the tailon & I feel your pain.

They really suck for that.


This “weak” in gears

Anyways anyone trynna complete ice queen?