This Week in Gears - May 4th - 10th

Pretty sure all of them will be available, makes sense to get the guap

Great question!
It’ll be all CS skins always available starting May 11th!


let’s rock them together bestfriend

Thank you for the response! :smiley:

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:relieved: always

Blast, my prediction has been befalsed.

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I believe this is at least the second time Skeleton Kait came back if I’m not wrong - would be great for me personally to see some OG Locusts return, like the Sniper and other drones.

Only one can hope :slightly_smiling_face:


If Tai looks like that, then I have hope for Sam.

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Any pictures of what the neon esports load out set looks like? Thank you.

Not sure if this is the right thread, and following on from what Bleeding Pepper mentioned…

Any news on potential fix(es) to the various progression issues that have popped up over the last week?

There’s a good summary of the 3 more recent ones at post 9 in the above linked thread (all progression stopped, some progression stopped, boost xp not working).

All the best!


No xp/rewards issue is taking too long now… 10 days… i guess we will be compensate isnt it ?! We wont be able finish TOD befor3 OP7 at this rythm…


^^ this, well the issue part.

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And ?

I’m just reinforcing your point.


Wow, rude

Wait what,^^ stands for look above.
The issue is taking way long and it really needs reimbursement/compensation.

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so we’re expecting OP7 in two weeks?

Another Kait skin to bag. Now if TC would just get around to Bikini Kait


We are looking into - have been having some difficulties reproducing it, so, if you’ve experienced it, best is to put in a ticket with any and all details about your experience around it, and include ‘Progression’, ‘Stars’, or ‘XP’ in your ticket title.