This Week in Gears - June 8th - 15th

Hello everyone! It’s time for another This Week in Gears!

Versus Event: Control SSG

A new event in this Operation, this is all focused-on Control, with the following loadout in play. Shotgun, Snub, Grenades (SSG).

We very much look forward to seeing how these matches go as we know that dedicated communities have run their own matches with these settings.

This event will run for one week.

Featured Hive: The Hive

The hive, an epic journey.

Weekly Store

  • Dress Uniform Hoffman – 500 Iron
  • Targeting Monitor Weapon Set – 850 Iron
  • Melodramatic Expression – 300 Iron
  • Niles Mark – 125 Iron
  • Hoffman Banner – 100 Iron

Feature Store

  • Rainbow Dust Legacy Set – Free!
  • Pride Omen – Free!
  • Savage Elite Hunter – 4,000 Gear Coins, 500 Iron
  • Long Count Expression Pack – 2,400 Gear Coins, 300 Iron
  • N00b cutout bloodspray – 2,000 Gear Coins, 250 Iron

Gears esports

And here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

Gears Pro League

The Gears Pro League is in full swing, with three modes played across each match.

And for viewers a glorious weapon set and Black Steel Kait up for grabs!


The full information on the events can be found on!


For another weekend the team at EGL will be running another week of their EU open series!

Featuring matches of Control, Escalation, and Execution 2.0 this tournament offers prize money up for grabs and the opportunity to square off against top teams in Europe & South America!

Look out for how to sign up on the @EGLGears Twitter!

Also, if you missed the announcement, the upcoming Open Series has had its prize money doubled!


Black Steel Anthony Carmine – 2.99 USD

Gears Glory

Our specially themed Gears Glory this month is all focused on Pride! For this we’ve been asking you to send us GIFs or images of you doing a MVP pose at the end of your game with your Pride banners!

Here are some of our favorites:

Peace✌ Rockin' that Hollow Storm Sam with pan pride.#GearsGlory— Banana Brains (@BananaBrainsZEF) June 2, 2021

Hollow Storm Sam rockin’ it!

.@GearsofWar @CoalitionGears @TC_Shauny Black Steel Anthony is getting hyped for #PrideMonth #pride #GearsGlory— ⚙Brandon⚙️ (@GoWMills) June 2, 2021

Black Steel Anthony getting hyped for Pride!

#Gears5 #GearsGlory— Luis (@Luis42249256) June 3, 2021

Kait posing like only Kait can for Pride

Competitive – Escalation delayed

We had initially planned to launch Escalation as a mode in competitive, however we’ve had to delay this due to some last-minute issues, we’ll update you on this when we know more.

Update: Escalation has now been added for play, get racing on this new leaderboard!

Competitive integrity

Recently, we’ve taken action against accounts that have either boosted or cheated on the competitive leaderboards, as each week goes by we want to ensure that the players at the top of the leaderboard are in fact the top players.

We will continue to monitor and take action where necessary.


In addition to the above, we’ll be releasing the following server updates:

  • The game tiles in the competitive menu have been reordered, Execution & Guardian are now in the top row, Control & FFA in row 2, and TDM & 2v2 in row 3, Escalation will be in the fourth row.
  • The ring rotation for Reactor has been updated in the Control (esports) game mode.
  • The Mulcher has been replaced for the Torque Bow in Execution 2.0 matches.
  • The Scorcher’s ammo in Versus has been reduced from 105 to 60, additionally the clip size has been reduced to 30 from 35.

And as always, take care and have a wonderful week!



When will be any Big PvE update?

Any News on Mid-Drop like Op 6?


How long are you gonna pretend store-content didn’t exist in OP1&2? Every ■■■■■■■ time featured is something from recent OPs.


is there a reason for the way these are ordered? population in descending order?


Another week, another lack of Hivebuster Paduk in featured. Why aren’t all Hivebuster character skins in Essentials anyway?

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That’s it?

So now boring Control is in Competitive AND is the event for the week.
Just put KOTH (5v5) back in ranked and leave Control literally anywhere in the game

#BringBackBigRigDizzy #BringBackValera


We still need to see Heroic Baird & the Locust Ravager (I think that’s what it’s called) in the Store, so I’d say another 2 weeks before it drops.

Hopefully in this SSG event the DBNO timer is standard so I can finish the execution medal for Events. As well as the play & win round medals.

I know it is just a banner but why showcase Hoffman in his V-Day armour but not have the actual skin be playable? It would be great to have the V-Day variant alongside the banner rather than the dress uniform.

Edit: I am also sure that Savage Elite Hunter has been in featured fairly recently.

Control won’t differ dramatically in terms of how it’ll play.

Target Monitor weapon skins look decent.

Good to see the Syndrome skin returning as well, finally having its alternate skin. Well look at that, you learned something!

Anyway, take your sweet time with Escalation. Trust me, nobody is interested.

So Black Steel Kait is pretty much not attainable anymore? I checked the esports site and it said it was a reward for the highest scoring players in the first couple phases. What a bunch of crap.

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What’s that?

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You missed the first week of 10. As long as you start watching tomorrow, you still have a chance.

stop exposing them

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We’ve only just started the first of these two phases.

I thought it was going to be watch once and get her. I’m not willing, nor could I if I wanted to, watch hours and hours of that stuff for a skin.


Nah, it’s a cumulative thing over something like 10 weeks. Not a great system at all. Alot of people would rather just pay money for it, but TC seem to want the viewers for the streams.


Come on, put COG characters in the Featured tab! There’s more than enough vaulted skins to do at least one COG and one Swarm every week.


I`ve never bought a single thing with real money in 4 or 5 but wanted this skin. I was willing to cave for $3 for the only BS skin I wanted in 4. Oh well, not wasting my time on esports.