This Week in Gears - June 22 - 28

Current climate for PvP demands small maps, yeah. Gears 3 was comparatively more rifle-heavy and they’d maxed out the 360’s hardware to accommodate larger map sizes with greater detail. So the maps really did get huge.

I just miss the look and feel of Gears 3. I miss back when I didn’t have a million other obligations and I could just play that game all night lol.

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I didnt have live at the time lol so I didnt really experience that, and I also had my 3 stolen so I couldn’t experience it as long either :joy:

I did play Judgement pvp though. I liked it surprisingly.

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I remember that one map that had a cliff area and the bottom was separated by a small stream or something

it looked liked the ending of GOW3, had little shacks where you can take cover on, also had duel snipes if I’m not mistake. Can’t remember the name :weary:


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If you mean sandbar it also had the Hammer too.

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yes, memories playing Beast Mode on that

you could start off with Retro couldn’t you? Remember leader would hide inside a lot in Guardian lol

Yep lancer, retro, and hammy :pensive:

I didnt play 3s pvp during its peak but I did play during 2016 and boy was it sweaty :joy:

Sks and Bairds as far as the eye could see.

Another Gears 4 Port - how “surprising”

Mercy :face_vomiting:

are you the same as @Belkain?

What do you mean the same Person? If so, no

since you GT’s are similar I thought one was a main and one a second account

both have the same pfp that’s why also, I stand corrected lol

Ahaha yeah, right. Well I’m definitely playing a couple of Horde Frenzy’s with BS Anya first.

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And about Mercy…I like Mercy, but it’s a straight port from Gears 4 and I hated the color scheme of the map. It’s ■■■■■■. There, I said it. Was it so hard to change the time of the day back to Gears 3 version?



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The Blood Vial skin set is actually really cool! Would it be possible to get a similar skin, but instead of blood, filled with gnome vomit?


I do like the Bloodvial weapon skins, will they be available for coins next week? I can’t remember how it works with the featured weapon skins.
Can anyone confirm please.

Yeah they will be available for coins, they are legendary no? So probably like 10k coins to buym

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Yeeeessss. Bring back Black Steel Sam please! I miss playing as her.

On a side note, I miss using these console skins too. Although, these skins were inspired by the Xbox One S. You can clearly see the Xbox symbol and if you look closely, you can also see the Xbox controller’s START and BACK button symbols. It would be cool if they create new skins with the same name. Only this time they should be based off the Xbox Series X.


They most likely will bring them back, TC brought back a couple of the old esports supporter skins, like blocked, graffiti, and the black steel emissive. They updated them too and they look alot better, like blocked for example. The old esports logo was removed and a gears 5 omen was put over it. It looks 10x better.

Blocked and graffiti are my favorite esports supporter skins, I’m still waiting for blocked to come back into the shop. I’m missing half of the skins still :pensive: