This Week in Gears - June 22 - 28

So they can give us the trailer but the news post was said to only come tomorrow. So I’ll withhold judgement until then.

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I think because Shauny said it: and he’s ahead since he’s in the UK? only thing I can think of

lol they add a newbie from the DLC instead of any other classic character or skin


Usually these release dates and times are based off of P(S)T or whatever it currently is, given that TC HQ is located in Vancouver.

And from what I understand that character is apparently not completely new but from a comic. I can’t exactly tell if the Hivebuster comics are meant or he’s some other guy from the older Gears comics which also had a Tak in them according to some.

true, very strange. It’s also on their Instagram

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I’m glad the retro map is Mercy instead of something like Speyer, but I also wish it weren’t another Gears 4 map. There are so many Gears 2/3 maps that haven’t been touched in like a decade.

Still, Mercy is a solid map to add to the rotation. I don’t care for the characters, but let’s be honest, I keep picking Anya, Dom, Kait and Lizzie regardless of whom they add lol.

Mercy = campfest in church for tdm, ffa, execution 2.0 and guardian modes

Not if the middle gate/door is taken down.

Yet another map that looks the EXACT same as it did in Gears 4. Wow.

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TDM is a camp-fest on any map, FFA if you camp you won’t win

excited for some KOTH/Control on it

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New content = characters from a DLC released around 6 months ago, a skin for the regular COG soldiers (which look good), and a ported map from GOW 4 ( I like Mercy though)

wish it was Dawn

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I guess this is what we get for complaining about Impact Dark and Harbor Haze.

“You don’t like us changing the atmosphere? Fine. Take a copy and paste”

Thanks guys!


hey hey hey, Impact Dark was was kinda cool lol

but yeah, Harbor Haze and Forge Blitz :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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I forgot about Forge Blitz lol.

To be completely honest, I didn’t mind the different variants of the maps because we got 24 maps in 1 year.

But now they’re copying and pasting, claiming it’s because it takes 6 months to make a single new map.

They better be taking this opportunity to create a healthy option of maps at the launch of Gears 6. If not, I may have to be like @TC_Clown and start texting and calling myself Chuck.


I do like the weapon skins, will they be available for coins next week? I can’t remember how it works with the featured weapon skins.

I just want Gears 3 DLC maps to return. It’s like most of those were just forgotten.

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out of all of the gears 3 dlc maps what map do you think would perform the best in 5s tuning/movement?

I’m asking because I never personally played them when they came out. I’ve played artillery and depths (the SeaWorld map) on an mp match but I wouldn’t say that’s enough for me to know which map would be good for 5.

To be honest, I can’t think of any off the top of my head. A lot of the Gears 3 DLC maps were pretty big. Don’t get me wrong, I loved almost all of them, but I don’t think it would work with this slow tuning and 4v4 :(.

Azura would be awful most likely :joy:

Beautiful map but really big.

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Yeah what @thepack1221 said regarding size. I’m not the best to ask because I’ve more or less dropped PvP in favor of PvE, and really, any map can work for PvE. Gears 3 just holds a very specific nostalgia for me and I would love to see more maps in its colorful style return.

Azura, Aftermath, Depths, Academy and the Gears 3 version of Jacinto are all maps that haven’t been touched since, and I would love to see back.

I agree, I was just curious is all as I feel Azura would suck in 5s current climate for pvp.

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