This Week in Gears - June 22 - 28

what use are new maps they don’t appear on the weekend, what’s the ■■■■?

Why not both?

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@GearsofHaIo , Winter Armor Marcus is finally available in the store!

Your wish has finally come true! Your Marcus collection would be finally complete!

Don’t miss this opportunity! This skin will disappear at the end of Operation 7.

Ahh yes, my weekly dose of disappointment.

No Tuesday of mine is ever complete without this.

Monday? I thought we’re on Tuesday by now. Are you from a different timeline?

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I meant Tuesday, my bad.

But TWIG usually releases on Monday, and I didn’t log into forums yesterday. I just now read the TWIG.

Usually manage to read the TWIG on Monday itself, but yesterday was a busy day for me.

It’s Wednesday here. I can confirm that Ravager and Blood Vial were cool skins.

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Damn time benders. Always up to no good.

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Its actually Wednesday here (just).

Skins are not out yet.

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Is all about the pride!



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I can’t equip both simultaneously!

HiveSteel Anya.
BlackBuster Anya.

Op 7 drop 2 disappointing…Mercy map…no sophia no swarm / locust characters

Where did you see it was Mercy?

What are you talking about? It hasn’t been revealed yet.

Trailer is out


Huh. I thought they said it was being announced Wednesday?

Dumb question, but: Who the ■■■■ is the character they revealed. Should I know him?

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Pilot in hivebuster dlc

I thought it was tomorrow…

I actually like Mercy though lol
The COG Commando’s look clean

Still no Valera :sob:


OH RIGHT. Duh. It’s been awhile.

■■■■ pick. I don’t think I’ve seen one person asking for him lol.

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