This Week in Gears - June 22 - 28

Because we all know that Complaint > Likes, how many Players left after Op 6 that TC know it very sure.

It’s in “Half-Dead” mode because what we’re Hoping for those Bugs are being “Ignored” giving NO Statement on whether they have Difficulty to Fix it or they don’t want to Fix etc.

At least they acknowledged the text chat bug. Whether it’s going to be fixed before a point where it no longer matters is a different story.

Meanwhile, ghost melee is still not even mentioned anywhere as a known issue.

What is @GhostofDelta2 melee?

I see it everywhere but what is it?

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:relieved: agreed

That’s a terrible joke, and you know it.

And you can’t tell me you’ve never stood right in the face of an enemy, tried to melee and literally no damage registered.


I would be Fu**ing Happy & Hyped if they immediately Fix This for sure.

  1. Ghost Melee
  2. Nomad Fear
  3. In-Text Game Chat

How Poor I am playing a 180+ Ping US server using Brawler / Blademaster when those Ghost Melee happens to me.

Considering how we have to put up with dozens of chainsaw enemies and Boomshot Scions, Locust enemies completely breaking or ignoring game mechanics, and a lot of other things, it would only be fair if we didn’t have to also deal with melee not working while standing in the face of an enemy.

I would prefer they Use an Operation to Fix All The Bugs rather than Add those Content with Bugs also.

for some reason I always miss while other slide to me

Is this the 2nd or 3rd week for the Black Steel Sniper? Why do I feel like it’s the 3rd :man_shrugging:t2:

Well with them returning let’s see Black Steel Clayton and I hope they make a Black Steel Jermad. One can dream

2nd week

the next BS character is due next week I think

Islander Lahni, I summon your energy.

Pretty please.

Just didn’t get around to doing it, fair amount of stuff has happened today!

My bad there, now pinned :slight_smile:

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I know what you did last summer!

Is a movie.

Are some bug fixes in with drop 2?

I bet they release HB Anya the same week they release BS Anya. Just to force me to choose.

TC are sadists.


Another week of Op7,still unable to find Competitive matches in Australia,please consider a fix/revert back so as all of the Gears Community can partake please


Soooo to sum things up TWIG; Nothing, cool

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We Castlevania now and I’m all for it. Might be getting myself that blood vial set.

Eh I think CS Clay is really nice. I would however like BS Gary back and BS Sam though.

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