This Week in Gears - June 22 - 28

I forgot to write last week, but thanks for posting how much time the event will be live, the medals and the rewards for those medals.

And posting the day where we can get more info about Drop 2. :+1:t2:

So, thanks again


Post has been updated. Wednesday is the magic day. If you have not yet noticed.

No sign of the weekly hive yet.

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It’s The Mist. TC Shauny updated the post.

Thanks AW

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Hey we finally got classic winter armor Marcus.

But still no UIR Officer or blocked skin set :pensive:

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Hivebuster Anya ?
Next year ?


If that, OP8 will be the last ever

Everyday that passes, is another dagger to @staindgrey

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white phantom skins are the best skins ever


Barrick or we Riot

Th store has been incredibly disappointing lately.


Next week: Get ■■■■-ed ? Seriously, the hypocrisy of this company is astonishing.

Any bets they’re still gonna advertise BS Kait in 7 weeks despite having no chance to get her anymore at that point?
Even now I’d say you’re already out of luck if you haven’t watched a single stream yet.


So now that the weekly hive is The Mist, how about actually adding it to the server browser’s filter settings. It’s been missing since it was added to the game.

No PvE news on fixes? Darn. :neutral_face:

They normally appear with title updates, so more likely to occur with drop 2.
So I’d expect them to appear with that and maybe a bit info from Wednesday onwards.

I do hope they took the time to fix / rebalance / etc multiple things, having to wait almost double the amount of time for anything PvE related is kinda annoying.

Because they salty about her getting leaked and people bringing it up every TWIG… gonna be the final store Update of official Op 8, just to screw with us.

Unless Op 8 doesn’t have an end date since it’s last one, not sure how they doing it… damn now my joke is already ruined.

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To the people that want Winter Armored Marcus HE IS HERE BOYS AN GIRLS

Why isn’t this pinned like previous TWiG?

Because they are really just phoning it in at this point. I don’t get the impression that promoting this game is a priority anymore.