This Week in Gears - Jan 26th - Feb 1st

With another week upon us, we have another edition of This Week in Gears lined up for you.


As mentioned last week, 14 Player FFA will be staying around for another week which means we’ll continue to bring the inevitable chaos you can come to expect in this mode, as a reminder we’ll be using four specific maps in this playlist – War Room, Pit, Nethercutt, and Core.

Enjoy, and let us know how you’re enjoying it!


We don’t have a Horde event this week but don’t fret PvE fans. There is still the daily Horde challenge as well as the daily & weekly Escape Hive (Lethal Engagements) which are chocked full of great rewards.

Stay tuned as we have a special Horde event coming your way soon!

Wow! We have been utterly blown away but the Gears Glory submissions and everyone’s creativity. Feast your eyes on a few examples chosen by our Community team below.

Karnage! From @StormyValravn

@Raikou1015Sorry’s favourite Gears drawings!

@epic_nero’s amazing tattoo!

@CharlyCesar3’s fantastic artwork!

@IvanDrawPiu’s face-to-face confrontation

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted content so far! Next week’s This Week in Gears will reveal the new theme for Gears Glory.


  • Locust Sniper – 250 Iron
  • Sketched Full weapon set – 850 Iron
  • Long Count Expression – 300 Iron


  • Academy Anthony – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Firestarter Benjamin – 350 Iron or 2,800 Gears Coins (30% off)
  • Biker Gary – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Pistol Pack: Cold Blooded execution – 300 Iron or 2,400 Gears Coins
  • Tiger Legacy weapon set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Gears Coins

As Firestarter Benjamin is already in the store permanently, we’ve added a special feature discount price just for this week!

Last week we announced there will be no Chrome Steel skins for the next weeks; this means that there is no skin to purchase this week. Keep an eye because next week we start bringing back a selection of previously released Chrome Steel skins that you may have missed out on!

Take care and have yourselves a wonderful week.





Thanks for biker gary:)


screams in Anthony


Wont happen… Have to work but thank u anyway .

Would be nice to get an event for escape…


Not a bad TWIG, I’m happy that the Locust Sniper returned, I’ve been waiting for that character to return for months. Overall not too bad.

I also like that they added a discount to Firestarter Benjamin, good on you TC. :slight_smile:

Now add the Disco Emote back, I’ve been waiting for that emote for months.

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Hopefully this next horde event will include the ability for players to use our Locust/Lambent character skins in PvE.
Other than that though, this is a pretty good TWIG, thank you.

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  1. Nobody wants free for all for the weekly event, ever.
  2. Nobody wants free for all 2 weeks running.
  3. No horde event, no surprise. Stay tuned… Blah blah blah
  4. No mention of re-up changes again (I’m aware a stupid comment was made in some stream)
  5. No mid operation surprises? It feels like winter would be (in northern hemisphere) if there was no Christmas in the middle of it.
  6. Are there any competent players that still play this game and fancy joining me and 1 or 2 others, most nights from 7pm UK time?

Gamer tag: oldmonkeynut


■■■■ me what an awful store this week :rofl::rofl:

TC your weapon skins ideas are damn lazy as well cut the boring white crap out, this is gears of war ffs. Scrolling through the skins I have they’re just so dull in comparison to 4s for starters.

The special events should change weekly too come on. Dodgeball, warzone, execution, gridiron something else


One thing I’m wondering is why some of the Locust have red lights instead of yellowish orange. Like in this render, his goggles are clearly the original orange-ish color. But, in-game he & Beast Rider’s lights are straight up red.
I think the Cyclops still has the orange light, though.

Honestly, it’s not a big deal, I’m just curious as to why.

I like that more than one/two character skins have been in the store for the last few weeks.
I do believe it is the way forward, perhaps even increase to 5 or 6 skins, I think the back catalogue exists to let that happen, even if we stat repeating in a couple of months.

  • Hope that this continues and we get Vday Sam pretty soon.

Waiting for V-day Sam feels like an eternity!..

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I’ll get Fire Starter Ben as it’s discounted. Won’t be getting any others, not a fan of the Academy Anthony skin and never felt connected enough to Gary Carmine to spend coins on him. Sorry Gary. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yea!! (Looks at customization) oh wait nvm, done have her XD

In all seriousness I’m just waiting for the Civilian Anya that was leaked to hurry up, was one of my go to’s on 4.

Not spending £15 on iron for the one skin I want in the bundle was more to my point…they ain’t mugging me off!

Lol understandable, I debated it myself, but I liked the weapon set… that’s what suckers me in more often than I like to admit.

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LE as the weekly, could be worse.

Also love the “Carmines take over the Featured store” bit from twitter. They could have gone all out and bring back CS Ben and Clay while also introducing Liz which we all know is already in the game-files, but whatever. Can’t wait to hear more annyoing Carmine lines in pub lobbies the next 2-3weeks…

Voice lines are the same and can’t see the wrinkles on older Sam most of the time anyway… nostalgia is cruelty…,

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