This Week in Gears - Jan 12th - 18th


Still no winter armor Marcus, how am I not suprised

What does that even mean?


Delays to shooting is a absolute joke .
Shooting over cover - delayed
Air back a - delayed . This move was to counter peoples up as

Making you slower so you’re easier to hit . Yawn.

You’ve gone from the most fluid gears ever . To a gears of war where you stick to every piece of cover like on gears 1 playing on a 360. And pressing buttons that literally either come out 5 seconds later or not at all now
Playing on the series x to play a gears game made 10 plus years ago again .
Can’t wait to see the numbers after a week and tc show post them to show how many people hate this tuning .
The tuning right now is spot on .


Interested in knowing whether there will be balance changes before operation 6.

I don’t understand how gears players want a delayed unresponsive slow as hell experience.


And what does Kait being the face of 5 have to do with her class? She recieved a massive buff with OP5, do you want a nerf or…?

I wouldn’t say it’s meaningless.

I don’t want a nerf. I don’t see people playing her much (just me).

Edit: what I mean is I’m the only person I know who still regularly chooses to play infiltrator.

TC hire this man. It’s a great idea but the nutty people obsessed with skill will shoot this idea down.

How much bullets do you need in the Gnasher? Jeez.

This convo is related to PvE
I really want my 16 boomshot grenades, 1100 lancer rounds and, 19 dropshot drills back


Yes, and? 32 Gnasher shots with Kait is enough to wipe the floor with every wave and almost every Escape-chapter.

Then play Keegan?


Are you saying balancing should revolve around solo horde players?

PvP got nerfed lol, but Tactics Onyx Guards look sick. I wonder if they’ll bring in the Retro Onyx Guards from Tactics, as well. The ones with the ugly helmets.

Also, I’m wondering what the ETA on getting the Lambent emotes in the store & Recon Sid/Gabe skins will be. I don’t know if I should bite the bullet and buy the bundles with Iron, or just get The Lambent & Tactics squad for Gears Coins & then wait for the Sway emotes and Recon skins.
Though, judging by how we still haven’t seen any signs of V-Day Sam, I get the feeling I’ll have to wait quite a while for the latter.


I already do
I just hate having to fiddle and waste time on what was previous readily available(with the correct cards) in horde. A base character(with no cards) in 4 can carry more ammo than a character in 5(with maxed out perks/cards in some cases save for the salvo rockets)

The ammo system and economy was perfect in 4. Kill a boomshot scion and get 6 BS grenades back, the ammo packs gave a good amount of ammo. The Gears 5 PvE experience is constantly hearing “I’m out of ammo”.

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I know it’s a controversial topic. But people cannot surely think they weren’t going to bring in the tuning.


When they started with beta tuning I felt that the community was positive about the tuning in the playlist or at worst mixed, this time I saw plenty of negative responses and instead adepting the tuning in the betalist to what the community prefers it seems they just implement what TC wants themself.


Boy I’m so happy the critically acclaimed beta tuning is placed into versus. Very happy. Im so excited. Can’t contain this hype.



Enough with damn tuning changes… Just leave the weapon tunings alone and focus on putting out content! The tunings are fine where they are.


Obviously they feel it’s right, so whether we love it or hate it, they will just bring it in so :man_shrugging: