This Week in Gears - Jan 12th - 18th

Well that’s it then.

GG everyone.


Ain’t wrong, be so many following suit

I’ve just played a tuning game and yep it’s as bad as I remember. 4v4 feels even more empty now it’s slowed down.

Could’ve at least softened the blow (if that’s even possible) by making it 5v5 again so the maps actually feel populated.


Genuinely interested what the thought process behind this Gears Glory-stuff was.

half the @ are versus-clips and the other half is … well, see for yourself.

Yes, it would’ve softened it so it’d feel more like being hit by a Truck than a Train.



Even when I’m not a PvP player, this can’t be good.

Also, I was waiting for some news on Gears POP!, I’m “close” to unlock Max level pin and if TC doesn’t help the community, I don’t want to spend almost 3 month for something that “maybe” with help I can complete (Level 20)

Thanks, we will pass on the feedback. Part of it is that the theme for the store this week relates to some previous items and new items!

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Amateur stuff man :rofl:

That’s assuming people even bothered reading what it was supposed to be about this month.


If I could give a suggestion, classic cole and the old escape leaderboard skin sets. It honestly seems odd that classic cole isn’t permanent but all the other classic skins are. Thank you

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PvE player here.

Interested in:

  1. A better rotation of daily escape hives. Can you just cycle through all the hives instead of having some repeat weekly?

  2. Are mid operation balance changes being contemplated for any classes? For example, Kait is TC’s heroine and even though she’s now the infiltrator class, your stats surely show that people don’t play her anymore. How about changing the bleed effect on the laceration card to go out 10m?

  3. Will there be a mid operation patch to address various big fixes?



Still no winter armor Marcus, how am I not suprised

What does that even mean?


Delays to shooting is a absolute joke .
Shooting over cover - delayed
Air back a - delayed . This move was to counter peoples up as

Making you slower so you’re easier to hit . Yawn.

You’ve gone from the most fluid gears ever . To a gears of war where you stick to every piece of cover like on gears 1 playing on a 360. And pressing buttons that literally either come out 5 seconds later or not at all now
Playing on the series x to play a gears game made 10 plus years ago again .
Can’t wait to see the numbers after a week and tc show post them to show how many people hate this tuning .
The tuning right now is spot on .


Interested in knowing whether there will be balance changes before operation 6.

I don’t understand how gears players want a delayed unresponsive slow as hell experience.


And what does Kait being the face of 5 have to do with her class? She recieved a massive buff with OP5, do you want a nerf or…?

I wouldn’t say it’s meaningless.

I don’t want a nerf. I don’t see people playing her much (just me).

Edit: what I mean is I’m the only person I know who still regularly chooses to play infiltrator.

TC hire this man. It’s a great idea but the nutty people obsessed with skill will shoot this idea down.

How much bullets do you need in the Gnasher? Jeez.