This Week in Gears - Jan 12th - 18th



Recently, we’ve been made aware of an exploit in-game that relates to Expressions which gave the exploiting user a significant gameplay advantage.

To address this exploit, we’ll be adding a delay that will stop players from shooting for a few moments after performing an expression which will mitigate this issue. This will go live tomorrow at 10:00 am PT.



Hello everyone!

As we mentioned last week, we had this feeling 2021 was going to be a good one for Gears fans and this week comes packed with a ton of stuff for you to check out.


At the start of Operation 5, we brought back the Developer’s Playlist which consisted of a list of changes we wanted to test out into Versus. With this tuning, we wanted a more tactical Gears experience where every action should have consequences with a certain level of risk.

We’re happy to announce that the current tuning in the Developer’s Playlist will be coming into Versus TOMORROW – if you want to read about the rationale behind these changes, check out the posts here, here, here, and even… here!

For a full list of tuning changes check the section below:



  • A slight delay has been added to firing after cancelling a slide: 0s → 0.15s
  • Increased the delay from firing when aiming out of cover from 0.1s → 0.2s
  • Weapon swap speed has been changed:
    • Primary weapons swap speed has been increased from 0.7s to 0.9s.
    • Pistol swap speed has been increased from 0.5 to 0.65s.
    • Grenade swap speed has been increased from 0.5s to 0.8s.
  • The base player acceleration speed has been reduced by 17%.
  • The Cover Slip (Up A) modifier speed has been decreased from 1.66x → 1.6x.
  • The roadie run speed has been reverted from 500 back down to 480.
  • The speed boost gained by performing cover actions has been removed.
  • Roadie running then performing a coverslip will no longer give the player a small speed boost.



  • The damage per bullet has been reduced from 50 to 45 ( this means the Lancer will now require 14 body shots to down someone) .
  • Reduced the inaccuracy when firing consecutively while ADS.


  • The rate of fire for the Snub has been reduced from 600 to 480 ( 8 shots/s ).


  • The damage per bullet has been reduced from 45 to 30 ( this means the Talon will now require 20 body shots to down someone) .
  • Reduced the rate of fire bonus with active bullets from 1.25x to 1.1x.


  • The damage per bullet has been reduced from 55 to 40 ( this means the Enforcer will now require 15 body shots to down someone) .
  • Reduced the rate of fire bonus with active bullets from 1.25x to 1.1x.


  • The bullet magnetism has been reduced by 50% at all ranges.
  • Increased the view distance of the secondary zoom feature on the Embar.


  • The bullet magnetism has been reduced by 50% at all ranges.
  • Increased the base accuracy when ADSing and standing still (non-zoom).
  • Increased the interpolation rate of ADS base accuracy.


  • The damage per bullet has been reduced from 145 to 80 ( this means the Claw will now require 8 body shots to down someone) .
  • The Claw rate of fire has been increased from 360rpm → 450rpm (7.5 shots/s).
  • Reduced the rate of fire bonus with active bullets from 1.25x to 1.1x.
  • The Claw magazine size has been increased from 60 → 100.
  • The Claw will no longer have a second magazines worth of ammo on picking it up.
  • The bloom of the Claw’s crosshair will now expand at a slower rate (5.0 > 3.0).
  • The Claw will no longer jam after firing it for a few seconds.


  • The damage per bullet has been reduced from 100 to 75 ( this means the Retro Lancer will now require 8 body shots to down at close/medium range) .
  • The Retro Lancer rate of fire has been decreased from 400rpm → 360rpm (6 shots/s).
  • The Retro Lancer headshot multiplier has reduced from 1.35x → 1.2x ( this means the Retro Lancer will now down players with 7 headshots at close/medium range).


  • The damage per bullet has been reduced from 55 to 40 per bullet ( this means the Hammerburst will now require 15 body shots or 2.5 bursts to down) .
  • Stopping power has been slightly decreased for the Hammerburst at short, medium and long ranges.


  • The bullet magnetism has been reduced by 50% at all ranges.


  • The Boltok rate of fire has been reduced from 110rpm → 90rpm (1.5 shots/s).
  • The delay when firing the Boltok in semi auto has been removed, the Boltok will now fire a shot every 0.66 seconds if the trigger is held down.
  • The bullet magnetism has been reduced by 50% at all ranges.


  • The time to stick after initially charging the Torque Bow has been increased from 1.35 seconds to 1.7 seconds.


  • Greatly decreased bullet magnetism for both Hipfire and ADS at all ranges.


A locust character running

This week sees the return of Escalation, with some significant changes made to the mode including unlimited respawning and more, see the full changes below:

  • Escalation is 4v4.
  • At the start of every round each team’s home ring will start as capped.
  • The elimination victory condition has been removed.
  • You no longer have a set of lives and will instead have unlimited respawns.
  • The loadout weapon selection has been removed.
  • All players will spawn with a choice of a utility grenade (Smoke or Flash) and you can no longer place them on the map.
  • Respawn times are now 12 seconds and will no longer change between rounds.
  • Weapon trees have been cleaned up – as a result, you will no longer see duplicate weapons on the centreline.
  • The weapon upgrade option for secondary weapon spawns has been completely removed.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!


Predator Hunt sticks around for one more week. As a reminder, this is an all-new Horde event featuring the legendary Wakaatu – the deadly predator from the Hivebusters DLC.

Three players hunker down on Pahanu to fend off 10 Waves of relentless enemies and one badass monster. And to make it even more challenging, there are no fabricators allowed.

If you fancy an even bigger challenge, try out the Elite Predator mutator to make the Wakaatu pack that much more of a punch.

We’re going to make Predator Hunt worth your while with a dedicated medal group for you to unlock the Comic Book weapon set. But be quick – you only have until January 19 to get it done!

  • Master Hunter – Complete 3 Predator Eliminations in Predator Hunt Horde Event
  • Pouncer Hunter – Get 15 Pouncer Eliminations in Predator Hunt Horde Event
  • Juvie Hunter – Get 200 Juvie Eliminations in the Predator Hunt Horde Event

A lancer with the comic skin set

Good luck!


With such a passionate community here, we love watching the content you tag us in, whether it be an awesome clip, tattoo, drawing or cosplay there is never enough Gears love.

With that being said, we’re incredibly excited to announce our new community project: Gears Glory!

Gears Glory will allow us to share the best of what you’ve got!

For January, send us your favourite pieces of content you’ve created ; so whether it’s a drawing, a short film in-game (we’ll save gameplay for another time) or even an interpretative dance – we want to see and celebrate it!

Stay tuned as we’ll follow a different theme each month.

You can submit your community content via the hashtag #GearsGlory on Twitter and Instagram, throughout the month we’ll highlight our favourites culminating with the top submissions showcased at the end of January.

With this being community focused we’d love to hear what you’re interested in, so be sure to let us know!


The new items for the Gears Store, available now until Jan 18

  • Tactics Onyx Guard Duo – 750 Iron
  • Tactics Onyx Guard Casan – 500 Iron
  • Tactics Onyx Guard Vermelo – 500 Iron
  • Shoot Here Mark– 65 Iron


The featured items for the Gears Store, available now until Jan 18

  • Onyx Guard Casan – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Onyx Guard Vermelo – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Onyx Guard Weapon Skin set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Gears Coins
  • Clash Banner – 100 Iron or 800 Gears Coins


Chrome Steel Raam

  • Chrome Steel RAAM – $9.99 USD


You’ll recall before the end of 2020 that we mentioned the changes to re-up will be coming, rest assured they’re still coming, and as soon as they’re ready we’ll be updating you on all the changes to come.

And that’s it for this week’s post, before we sign-off we wanted to give you an update on the status of the What’s Up posts, we’re merging TWIG and What’s Up into one main post, so check back every Monday as we provide juicy details about the game each week.



Well, I’m ready to run with some glue under my feet. I’m not expecting anything special or “refreshing” from the new tuning to be honest.
Tactics Onyx Guards look very good though.


Judgment day is upon us with the unwanted beta tuning.

In all seriousness though, is TC aware of how controversial it is?

Without getting into the pros and cons of it, I’m just not sure TC understands what is actually being said out there.

Is there anyone on board at TC that sees the feedback on all the different sites? Certainly here in the forums and on youtube videos (the top comments are all the same lol) there is good discussion about all the changes and it is clear to see how controversial it is.


Hilarious. We’re back where we were before.


Checks for pve news

closes app


Old Chrome Steels. That’s the only thing I want from this game at this point, but it’s always reassuring to know that TC isn’t that interested in money.

Certainly not interested in some community-shenanigans.


Don’t forget the old executions! There are plenty of them that never came back.


Chrome Steels are in the game already. Some have been for up to 14 months.
L I T E R A L L Y zero effort for free money.

Who needs a Gears 2 remaster when this new tuning is basically just that. I’m glad I stopped playing versus when Op5 started.


Booooo all I see is either reduce/decrease this or that. Ughh. Glad I played a lot this past weekend and hit masters on multi accounts.

I’ll try it out eventually but my hopes aren’t too high as I’ve played it before. The only good thing may be the up A speed boost reduction idk :confused:

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Yeah, I don’t understand them sometimes…


Hell yea now when I die it will be from people who can actually aim and shoot and less getting killed from someone not even looking at me spamming A. Can finally jump back in and play


The Featured Section is doo doo sauce yet again.


This has taking far tooooo long to get changed, these changes were talked about months ago.

Im sure most ppl would of been happy if TC just reduced the xp required per reup. But no. And while im just guessing i think what TC did with the ally lvl system will be the same as the reup changes.

Time will tell…


Judgement day looms :rofl:

Can’t see it being popular, slower movement and shot delays…and my god why are certain weapons getting unnecessary nerfs?

I’ll see how good/bad it is as ever, gotta give stuff and chance but if it’s too bad I’ll be moving on from gears until the next one, or I’ll go back to 4

On another note great to see escalation returning.



Aren’t the featured onyx skins already in the present store? The weapon skins are there for sure ; What’s the point of calling them featured?


The announcement of the announcement of the announcement. When announcement-ception isn’t enough.

Not at all surprised the entire post is basically “Our new Versus tuning! Oh, and some extra stuff hardly new or worth the interest. Come back next week where we announce the announcement that Reup changes and details are coming the week following that.”… and considering this has been waited for over a year when it should not have taken so long to address the atrocious Reups, I am starting to get tired of waiting.


Implementation of tuning that what… 6 people wanted? Nice.

No PvE content? Nice.

Gears Glory? What?

Good stuff team.


Too true, it’s an absolute waste of time even re upping atm as not only do the emblems look awful the rewards are too

I’d be chuffed if they did rework the emblems, gears 4s for starters looked way better, Roman numerals and some coloured background is just plain lazy,