This Week in Gears: February 2nd to 8th

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another edition of This Week in Gears, featuring a minor title update and more!

As you probably figured out from the numbering, 12.0.1 is a minor title update, mostly focused on fixing issues with the install manager feature, alongside giving Gabe’s in-game model a facelift!

Install manager:

  • Ranked players are no longer removed from a match when loading into a game with a player who does not have the multiplayer content installed.
  • While in new game plus, a host with just the campaign content install will now see other players skins.
  • Users without the multiplayer content installed can no longer access multiplayer lobbies via invites.
  • Players will no longer have their entry GP removed when entering ranked as a squad member without the multiplayer content installed and getting kicked from the match.
  • The installer manager UI will no longer appear while on xCloud.


  • Water will no longer flicker on PC.


  • With today’s title update we disabled the in-game text chat by default, we’ve done this to create a safer and more comfortable environment for all of our players. If you wish to re-enable text chat, you can do so by going to Options > Game > Text Chat
  • Playlists that are 4v4 will no longer fill to 5v5 with bots when bot backfilling is enabled.
  • Gabe’s textures have been improved!
  • The Spirit Walk achievement will now reliably unlock.


This week we are bringing back Gridiron to our weekly versus event and with this event we will be introducing the following changes:

The endzone can now be contested, allowing longer fights to take place within the zone.
The initial flag spawn timer will be delayed by 15 seconds.
We spoke to the team who worked on this who were happy to share with us why they made these changes:

“For battles in the endzone we wanted to provide more opportunities for the defensive team to contest a capture and actually force a fight inside of the zone if they react quickly enough. We found this addition helps create more interesting clutch moments in endzone fights.

With the flag delay change we wanted players to fight for dominance and position before the flag spawns with this we should see some interesting team setups as they approach each round.”

As always, we welcome your feedback on this event.



Alongside the Versus event we have a special Horde event for you this week, Boss Rush.

Boss Rush is summarised simply like this, for every wave you play, you will encounter a boss. There are ten waves to complete with each wave escalating in intensity and difficulty.

Alongside this event, we have a special medal group for you to complete, granting you 3,000 coins, with each individual medal granting you progress towards your tour of Duty, medal details below.

  • Carrier Hunter - Get 5 Carriers Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
  • Snatcher Hunter - Get 5 Snatchers Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
  • Predator Hunter - Get 5 Predator Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
  • Matriarch Hunter - Get 5 Matriarch Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
  • Kestrel Hunter - Get 5 Kestrels Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event

Enjoy the carnage, and we will see you in-game!

After an exciting first month, Gears Glory continues with the focus on Black History Month.

We would like to celebrate the Black creators in our #GearsFam. Nominate yourself or, better yet, another content creator, streamer, or YouTuber who deserves a bit of love. And if you’ve got a Del piece that gives love to the Gears 5 Techie, a Cole family portrait, or anything else? Share it! You can submit your community content via the hashtag #GearsGlory on Twitter and Instagram, throughout the month we’ll be highlighting our favorites culminating with our selected favorites at the end of February.


Desert Armor Cole – 250 Iron
First Minister Stroud – 250 Iron
Overgrown Full Set – 850 Iron
Lancer: Decapitation Execution – 300 Iron
Mech vs Swarmak Banner – 100 Iron

Collector’s Thrashball Cole – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins
Thrashball Full Set – 595 Iron or 4,760 Gears Coins (30% off)*
Gnasher: Punt Execution – 210 Iron or 1,680 Gears Coins (30% off)*
Lancer: Spike Execution – 210 Iron or 1,680 Gears Coins (30% off)*
Thrashball Cole – 175 Iron or 1,400 Gears Coins (30% off)*
Thrashball Kait – 175 Iron or 1,400 Gears Coins (30% off)*

Store items marked with this * have been given a special discount of 30% as they are already in the essentials part of the store.

As we previously mentioned, we will be looking to re-release some older Chrome Steel skins, here’s what we have for you this week.

Chrome Steel Kait – $9.99 USD
Chrome Steel Fahz – $9.99 USD
And as a reminder, this is not the last of the older Chrome Steel re-releases be sure to keep an eye out for more of these as the weeks go by!

We have no doubt that you were expecting the re-up update this week, however we needed to release 12.0.1 first in order to get there, now this is done we’re now in the process of doing the final pass for the update.

Stay tuned for a dedicated news post this Thursday which will dive into the full details of what you can expect.

With Gears Pop! closing on April 26, 2021 we promised to look into making the adventure towards the game’s conclusion that much more enjoyable. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be sharing more details at some point this week about events, first win of the day Gear Packs as well as information on Pin upgrade costs/xp, stay tuned!

As a final note, a special hello to anyone joining us for this month from Games with Gold, we can’t wait to see you in-game!

Take care and have yourselves a wonderful week.


What happened to CS Keegan and Lizzie? How long do we have to wait until the “new” ones are added to the Store?

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Good to see gridiron return and a little different , is it 5v5?


I hope Bossrush isn’t done half*** like the Classic Horde was.

Some good stuff here. Looking forwards to Boss Rush, First Minister Anya, Lancer execution and Re-up news this Thursday. :eyes:


This is the best TWIG in a looooooong time. :+1:


They could just charge my credit card on a regular basis if they keep giving Anya.
It could be a subscription. Anya of the month club. At least till they got lazy and just started changing the color of armor or whatever.


CS Kait and Fahz???


Looking forward to trying boss rush. Might have to blow the cobwebs off my Demo.


I think with those 15 seconds added and no respawns, nobody’s even going to think about the flag at all. They’re just going to kill each other. Have to see how this plays out, but it’s essentially what already happens now.


Hopefully first minister anya has got some kick ■■■ high heels on for stomping some grubs and nice looking skirt to show off some leg.

This would look so cool for some executions.

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The CS skins are kinda lame, there are plenty of other choices…why not release CS Baird and Ben? Those are popular and I’m sure tons of people will want to get them if they missed out. At least we’re finally getting Re Up news. :slight_smile:

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“Future content” is what happened… probably. I’m just finding it a bit stupid that not only is this random two week gap kept up for whatever reason, but when old skins do are brought back, it’s only two out of… however many there has been.

I’ll wait to judge on Boss Rush when I see it, if it’s like Gears 4s it will be a painful mess because we don’t have the same damage to deal with a bullrush of 5+ bosses at once.

As far as the rest is concerned, besides knowing when we finally get the Reup change details, not really interesting tbh.

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Interesting how the Wakaatu is being referred to as “Predator”. Is it because most GOW fans are uncultured swine who can’t deal with foreign sounding names? :smiley:


Around 20 by now. The weapon skins are still missing. And why they didn’t add a new one at the same time is beyond me. I get that TC loves dripfeeding but at this pace the games lifecycle will be over before even half of them were added/returned.

I thought they would bring back four or five of the most requested CS skins, but I guess not.

Like, who asked for CS Kait and Fahz? Literally nobody uses them.

Me. I’m gonna buy them ASAP but they could have gotten at least another 70€s out of me if they would have brought all of them back.

And a buddy of mine is gonna buy Fahz as well, and he’s not exactly the type to spend 10 bucks on cosmetics.


I just don’t understand why TC can’t just give us all of the old CS skins. (Excluding the ones we recently got, like CS Marcus, CS RAAM, etc.)

The dripfeeding is ridiculous. It’d be to their benefit if they release all of them, people will find a skin they like and they’ll buy them. It’s common sense.


Either it is some sort of reference to the Predator movies(are those tied to the Alien universe as well or not?), or it’s just that for some reason TC decided characters would call it the “Predator” from time to time rather than Wakaatu. I guess it’s kind of fitting based off of the assumption that the Wakaatu is basically the top of the foodchain on Pahanu and that any larger organisms either are not carnivores or extinct.