This week in gears December 7 - 13

oo Raam Shadow execution nice

@grey_mineman Hey buddy


Team metal? Finally, too bad i havent played in over 2 months :crazy_face:

Savage Imago…

So savage he wears his wicker basket on his head so he can swagger aggressively to Marcus’ F**KING tomato fields.


New execution? Nice.

Still nothing about previous items becoming available for coins? I will continue my watch.


Very sad I know

Damn them! I had a feeling it would be something along the lines of next operation but still damn them.

Nonetheless, thank you for getting this information. Never been one for Twitter and I’m certainly not gonna start now lol.

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I’m not either. I just have an anonymous burner account that I dont interact with anyone on. Its just to follow gaming stuff. Twitter is an absolute sh*thole 99% of the time lol


So the Imago put on a helmet and wrist bands…

…but not pants.



So Heroic Raam finally appears. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I miss the christmas sweater imago from G4. That fancy sweater really stands out while wearing no pants :smile:



Is Gears 6 out yet?

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The store has been surprisingly good since post operation.

Morning mate, actually think he looks “dope” is that what the youth say today :joy:. In my younger years we would say "That looks well lakes ":+1:

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Every Dec on Gears 4 I use Ugly Xmas Kait and skins and the festive drone, red shiny wrapping paper one, the guns look surprisingly smart in the metallic looking red. :christmas_tree:

Little off-topic, guys, but did you ever seen Dawn in ranked tdm?

It is indeed… savage.

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didn’t fit this season’s store model


Seriously, the same store system that’s existed since the store was revamped suddenly doesn’t work?

Why? Because ■■■■ the community, that’s why.

And WHAT tab feature? When did the categories become tabs?


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Kinda reminds me of this Peep Show (UK sitcom) scene/monologue.

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