This Week In Gears - Dec 28th - Infinity

Nothing! :sweat_smile:


Wonder what the versus event will be on Tuesday. Even though store updates is done there is still that versus part they forgot to address for the week. Cant forget about versus now can you TC.

Surely they’ll add some sort of Christmas XP event, like Jingle Juvies. It’s passed and will look ridiculous but it’s the least these lazy morons could do.


Just as i expected.

Glad to see tc being consistent for once.

New versus map
Chrome Steel Sam and Hoffman
Hammer of Dawn and the Markza Mk 2 / Breechshot added to PVE
New PVE class
New DLC campaign
Dark and gritty

And if someone gets an entire Escape map tattoo’d on their body, will we also get a new Escape map as well (created in the outline of a human body)? :stuck_out_tongue:


Arent they adding more achvs🤔

Get 10,000 kills as a hijacked juvie. 15gs
Complete campaign as all classes on every difficulty solo and coop, 5gs
Complete 1000 waves of horde with 83 different players on master using demo, 10gs


I’ve heard some leaks about a fan favorite map pack coming including:

Drydock, reclaimed windflare (now with stronger and more frequent windflares), blood drive slightly more in the afternoon, and pahanu noon.


Drydock slander will not be tolerated :triumph:

@RelaxingKoty @Ultra_Gnasty - here’s a melee class for you both to sink your teeth into!


But the downtime between hijacks is deathly boring. Itd be cool if Jack had a card that gave cooldown for HP healed with his beam or something so you could get more ults going.


Spend 10,000 iron to boost the ult recharge for 1 horde match 35gs


Is this the same “leak” that mentioned that the mortar will be added as a starting weapon?

Maybe, possibly. And there’s also rumors about a new PvE class that will allow you to use 2 heavy weapons as if they were regular weapons, including of course the mortar.

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Only 2 years of support is kinda disappointing, they could make it at least a lighter third year.

It seems the franchise will rest for a while. Next Gears must be years away.


Duel wield of course😁

Where are the usual TC bootlickers lmao

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It’s not that much different from GOW4 though, and I expect even older games (I couldn’t give you the details though). GOW5 was supported for a little over 2 years and 3 months.

GOW4 was a bit harder to gauge purely because by the end it was so skimpy by the last few months. I know they had the Road To Gears 5 thing, but that was spread over about half a year. I think it’s probably fair to say that GOW4 support ended around January 2019 or thenabouts which was when the last Gear Pack was released, so less than 2 years and 6 months.

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Probably looking for a boot from a Tc employee, aint been one here for months.


The absolute state of gears. Might as well those hacks take off the ■■■■■■■ censors

TC want kill Gears 5.
Bin market with iron only.
Zero Christmas added.
Just few survivor gamers who became leavers…