This Week in Gears - Dec 17th - 22nd

it was 500 Iron last year when it was released. Wasn’t earnable it was in the store. They just arbitrarily raised the price.

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Didn’t buy it then, won’t buy it now… but then again I didn’t even use DBs on 4, so to each their own.

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It’s in the “new” slot… it’ll be added to the op5 tab soon enough.

No XP event?? Booooooooo!!!


Everything great but i wondering about winter hunter, i mean already put last weeks winter jd and sniper,saw winter hunter once and never to be seen again,just wanted to know before Christmas over put winter hunter. Especially for collection and hunter is my main so wanted something from hunter side,since few getting love and not the hunter and that winter atleast for me looked sick 100%…so???

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I’m sorry, but this is just a really disappointing update.

So what we’ve got here is two old modes which have been around for years. Jingle Juvies has been around for quite some time, and it was fun at first in Gears 4. Back then, I’ve played it quite a bit but eventually it became repetitive and no longer fun. Now it seems like we’re getting the same thing without any additions or adjustments - again. As Bleeding Pepper points out, a lot more can be done based on what is already in the game. You can make several Christmas related modes, for example like the one Pepper proposes and keep those in a list so that every year we get something different instead of getting the same thing every year. I’ll probably just play Jingle Juvies to get the medals for the stars and earning the new Marcus skin and leave it at that. Regular horde (or classic, if it becomes available to play in a custom match) is a lot more fun to do - especially the dailies released since this OP.

Just a short time ago, another poster opened a topic being critical about the price required for the DLC. I was among some pointing out that the problem was the overpricing of skins, instead of the price of the DLC because you get a lot of content for the price of €20.-. I didn’t expect it to get this bad just days after the DLC’s release. Just compare what you get from the DLC (which if you have Game Pass Ultimate you can get for free) to the content that is being released now. Gearsmas skins are supposed to be ridiculous, that is fine and for this sort period of time entertaining. These skins were always fairly easy and cheap to get. Now you’ve got a horrible skin (the Nutcracker) for the hefty price of €15.- or for free with a lot of grinding and what looks like a Spectre Grenadier skin from Gears 4 decorated with Christmas lights for the same price. These skins shouldn’t cost more than the ‘Rare’ status price. To top it all off, I was actually considering spending coins on getting the Happy Gearsmas Expression but now seeing it is going to be offered for free - why offer items in the store if you’re going to give them away for free on a later date? The other skins just seem to be similar to the ones released before, even releasing the 2019 mark and not bothering to make a 2020 version. Besides this week being repetitive, the Featured part is also really meagre. You’ve got a bunch of Gearsmas related skins, this is the only time of the year fitting to offer them. Just also add the other stuff such as the Gearsmas skins of Kait and Imago (for a decent price) so more people can get them. So that people can use those skins and create ‘Gearsmas’ in the game.

I’m sorry, but this is just really lazy. I’m not expecting a huge bang update every week, that would require too much work and effort to keep up. But for events that happen during a specific time of the year (an big event, especially in the regions where most Gears players are active) some more effort is required. This has been a missed opportunity and a waste.


Everyone needs to quit with this misconception. Game Pass Ultimate is $15 per month. It’s not free.
It is just marketing. We pay for that stuff.


“BuT tHe DlC wAs FrEe FoR tHeM!” :imp:


These other games I never played (Except Gears Tactics which I had finished on steam anyways and Star renegades) really added to the value of the game pass for pc :wink:

I agree with most of what you’re saying but 10k coins isn’t an excessive grind. Especially since we just got a new ToD.

It’s 1€/$ per month if you keep creating new accounts and use the offer MS always makes for 1 discounted month. You don’t even have to change your paypal-account or anything.

Or others simply bought 3 years of Gold, bought the 1$ month and got an upgrade to 3 years of GPU.

If you actually pay 15€ per month for GPU you deserve being milked.

Oh please no. Not the Nutcracker again…

I’m pretty sure most people don’t go through that hassle and pay the 15$. Otherwise MS would have stopped the 1$ “Intro” a long time ago.
I would too honestly, if I saw the value in it but it’s really not there for me, and making my PC into a glorified XBox just isn’t for me.
(Just porting save games from Steam to MS Store can be such a hassle what’s with the way the store handles things)


Not really, I used a 14-day trial that I got from buying the Ultimate Edition. And I believe there’s a new offer of paying €1.- for three months and I remember paying €1.- just to play the Beta version, which gave me GP for like six months. I don’t take the ‘real’ GP because I don’t spend that much time on video games any more, nor do I play that many video any more. I’m more or less sticking to successors of games that I’ve played in the past. GP would have been useful for me like 18 years ago, not now. I remember paying € 67.95 for Playstation 2 games on average. Now for about € 180.- you can play over 100 games annually. Technically you are correct but considering what GP is offering for its price and if you take full advantage of its possibilities the price is irrelevant.

Everyone can argue if it makes you feel better. Reality is that it is paid for.
Take the Hivebuster campaign. It says “free with Game Pass Ultimate.” But you can’t play if you don’t pay.
Even just the $1.


No krampus :cry:

When was the last time you played the game? People barely quit anymore.

Sounds fun, it would certainly make the Gunner’s freeze resist card top tier.

Costs me 2-3p per month, so yes you are correct it’s not free but £1 for 3 years makes it almost free :wink:

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Gearsmas 2019 mark!! Now I can show all my friends I was here last year! Cant wait to get the gearsmas 2020 mark next year to show everyone I was here this holiday season! Thanks TC, appreciate all the hard work and effort going into these seasonal times (melts in sarcasm)


1$ for 3 years? For me it was 1$ the first few months and then normal prices after that.