This Week in Gears – April 6 – 12

This Week in Gears – April 6 – 12
The UIR Sandswept Duo standing in a sand-filled area

Hello everyone!

It’s a very exciting week here at TC, so let’s dive right in!
Versus Event: Bunny Hunt

Bunny Hunt continues this week! A reminder, as a variant of Guardian, you’ll spawn in with Longshots and will have one objective, kill the enemy bunny leader!

To celebrate this event, we have a special Medal group you can complete, which will grant you an appropriately themed Easter skin, the Rabid Grenadier.

Big Bunny Energy – Get 5 kills as the Leader in the Bunny Hunt Versus Event
Bunny Hunt Body Count – Get 50 Eliminations in the Bunny Hunt Versus Event
Veteran Bunny Hunter – Complete 10 Rounds in the Bunny Hunt Versus Event

The event concludes on Tuesday, April 13 so, make sure to get it done!
Escape: The Mist

Enemies ambush you through the dense fog. In The Mist, you and your squad must navigate your way to the exit through a dense fog. This isn’t the time for trick or treating. as the enemies will use the lack of visibility to their advantage and ambush you any chance they get.
Weekly Store
The new items available in the Gears store for the week April 6 through 12

UIR Sandswept Duo – 375 Iron
UIR Sandswept Male – 250 Iron
UIR Sandswept Female – 250 Iron
Pegasus Mark – 125 Iron
Tomb Banner – 100 Iron

Feature Store
The featured items available in the Gears store for the week April 6 through 12

Calling all wrestling fans, get Batista as Marcus for free this week and use him across all multiplayer modes, alongside some wrestling- styled executions!

Batista as Marcus – Free!
Liquid Metal Legacy Set – 425 Iron, 3,400 Gear Coins
Batista Bomb Execution – Free!
Piledriver Execution – Free!
Let’s Go! Expression – 30% off!

Gears esports

Chrome Steel Baird- $9.99 USD
Chrome Steel Marcus – $9.99 USD
Chrome Steel Onyx Guard Casan – $9.99 USD
Chrome Steel Onyx Guard Vermelo – $9.99 USD
Chrome Steel Paduk – $9.99 USD

Gears Glory

We are seeing amazing collections from our fans, but we want more! Send us images of your coolest Gears Collection on Instagram or Twitter using the #GearsGlory hashtag.
Legacy Gears titles playable on mobile!

If you haven’t read it already, you can now play Gears of War 2, 3, and Judgment on your mobile via the power of the cloud!

Read the full details here.
Operation 6 – Drop 2

Operation 6 Drop 2 is right around the corner! We’re finishing the trailer and blog post for the drop, so expect more information starting this Wednesday.

And as always, take care and have a wonderful week!


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Pile-driver execution free. Nice, don’t have that one.

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It sucks for all the ppl who bought iron to get what they wanted from the store & now it’s free…

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