This Week in Gears - Apr 27th - May 3rd


Hello everyone!

We have something new for you to try this week – BRAWL!


The Versus Brawl banner featuring the mode’s logo with Carmine, Marcus, JD, and Del in battle stances around it

Brawl is a TDM variation, with the following notable changes.

Players no longer respawn at the traditional static TDM spawn points. They will instead spawn throughout the map – nearer to their teammates and as far from enemies as reasonably possible.
The Weapon respawn timers are on pickup, not use. So that this will not create too much power on the map, the weapon respawn times have been slightly lengthened.
Players will take less damage from a distance while DBNO – similar to Execution 2.0, Gridiron, and Escalation.

The Medals for this Versus Event are:

  • Win 5 Matches in the Brawl Versus Event – 6 stars (MOD EDIT)
  • Deal 50,000 Damage in the Brawl Versus Event – 5 stars
  • Get 75 Eliminations in the Brawl Versus Event – 5 stars
  • Complete 5 Matches in the Brawl Versus Event – 4 stars

The reward for completing the full medal group is 3,000 coins!


The Locust are coming to Horde! The units from the Nexus Siege event will be making their way to your bases to destroy you. The bosses will not be coming, so at least you don’t have to deal with Karn, Jermad, RAAM, Skorge, or Myrrah. The Horde enemy sets have been rebuilt to support this change, so it’ll be a brand new Horde Experience!


An ice cavern from The Mines map

The first Hive to feature a choice. Which path will you choose to set the fastest time? Fight your way to the branch and choose your fate.


The news items in the Gears store for the days between April 27 and May 3

  • Chairman Prescott – 500 Iron
  • Collector’s Jermad – 250 Iron
  • Timelapse Full Set – 850 Iron
  • Prescott Banner – 100 Iron
  • Prescott’s Watch Mark – 65 Iron


The featured items in the Gears store for the days between April 27 and May 3

  • Inside Out COG Gear – 500 Iron or 4,000 Coins
  • Pixel Art Jack – 500 Iron or 4,000 Coins
  • Pixelated Legacy Weapon Set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Coins
  • Retro Banner – 100 Iron or 800 Coins
  • Poop Bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Coins


  • Chrome Steel Benjamin Carmine – $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Clayton Carmine – $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Lizzie Carmine – $9.99 USD


Thank you everyone who tagged us in their collections for Gears Glory, we loved seeing all of them!

Our favorites are:

The bedroom of Twitter user “TrollClownBoy” featuring their collection of Gears-related collectibles


The wall of Twitter user “Reelbounce” featuring their collection of Gears-related collectibles


Twitter user “LadyBoss” sitting on a sofa and showing off their collection of Gears-related collectibles


Twitter user “MattGringas”’ collection of Gears-related collectibles

Matt Gringas

Twitter user “Orvel” and their collection of Gears-related collectibles


We look forward to the clips you’ll be sending us for May’s Gears Glory, which starts up next week. We’ll be looking for your spectacular, game-stopping PvE or PvP Headshots! Please keep clips short – think ‘Gif’ please.


We’ve noticed that there is some confusion around the Ice Block Loadout. To help with this, we wanted to set some things clear.

The Ice Block Loadout being released at a future date is mentioned in the What’s Up from August 2019 here. Regarding the other exclusives:

  • Ice Kait: Won’t ever re-release
  • Glacial Armor Kait: Won’t ever re-release
  • Ice Jack: Won’t ever re-release

Have a great week everyone!



So two events at once or?

@AmicableWall421 this one’s for you! Although you may well be past the point of caring by now and moved on to other things given where we are in GOW5’s life cycle…

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Looking into it

So it’s not an Event, but Classic Horde, right?

I understood it to mean that the Locust will be included in standard Horde - so 1-50 games; as well as Frenzy games.


You are right that I have and was currently extremely unlikely to return to Gears 5. Everything I’ve wanted to do and that could have provided me with entertainment has been done.

Too little, too late. The only temptation I would have to buy is if I ever had any incentive to come back to Gears 5. Which if nothing is done for Escape - and let’s be honest, there won’t be in almost all cases - very probably won’t happen unless I get extremely bored and have nothing else to keep busy with.


Only excited for the Ben Carmine CS, have to see how the C. Carmine looks

That’s really quick :laughing:. I thought this will Happen in Op 7.


Please tell me the collector’s version of Jermad will be available with coins at some point like the other skins.

That’s what I thought too! I wonder how it would work? Would the Locust be mixed in with Swarm waves? Or will the Locust get their own set wave (like how DeeBees have their own set of waves; or Juvies and Imagos have their own set waves)? Nice that it’s happening sooner than later. It’ll be a nice touch.

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this happens to every collectors skin. suggest you wait instead of buying iron because a lot of players are having issues with the store

We did it bois!!!



Too late man… too late…

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I would’ve gotten it with iron if I wasn’t short on 50 since I only have 200 left :laughing:


I’m surprised there’s no chrome steel Anthony.

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@TC_Sera so certain executions will never return? Every single item in featured was there already at least once while others have never shown up yet.