This Week In Gears - Apr 20th - 26th

Where’s Hivebuster Anya!?

Those Hologram skins look cool, hope they have that static shimmer effect to them.

At a local Board Game/DND shop near me I found an old/used copy of Gears of War: The Board Game. I was damn near ready to pay 200+ for that board game and found myself full of dread when they told me I couldn’t buy it.

Check back on May 4th

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Zip it thanos

I’ll admit, I… can’t tell the difference between the regular Disciple & the Collector’s Edition.
I guess his tubes have gold outlines now or something?

Idk, but I’m pretty happy to see the Sentinel back, finally. Hopefully the Beast Rider grenadiers are next.
Either that or some more Gears 3 skins already. V-Days & Savages and whatnot.
Although, if I had to guess, they’re probably saving Gears 3 stuff for next Operation or something.

Don’t know where else to put this, if it interests people.


This outta make Siege more entertaining.

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Only as feedback, it would be a good idea to put that playing with TC is still on run on this TWIG and on every other until this is over.

Not every player read every TWIG, and if I’m not mistaken there aren’t any messages on the news in-game about this.

TC sometimes does great things, they just forget to advertising them.

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So instead of bringing back two skins which we can’t get normally they are doing discounts on two blue skins which are permanetly in the store and are already cheap to unlock?

The collector skin at first glance is so close to the original colour scheme that trying to sell it for iron is pretty bad. The Sentinel is a more unique variant of the Theron Guard rather than just being a colour swap so I can see someone buying that.

Lol what?

Been waiting for that too… Hopefully they give it before OP6 ends.

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What I’d really love to see is the “Elite Theron” from the gears 3 DLC: RAAM’s shadow. That guy looked great! From the style of his helmet to the all black looking armor to the red lights that stood out on his shoulders (which looked much better than the regular lights on regular Theron’s)… he was my fav Theron out of all the variants we’ve seen.

Now It must be said… I know we have a “Theron Elite” in the game, but that’s not the same one as the “Elite Theron” from gears 3. The elite we have right now in 5 has brown/black armor that just isn’t the same.

Anyway, I’d love to see that mini boss Theron return as a new skin.

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Lol never mind. I figured out what you were trying to say. You were talking about the hologram weapon skin set.

Nice joke btw.

Wasn’t really a joke, but yeah, that’s her color (and my favourite). Well, I need to see it in game first, maybe I’ll even waste 1k iron.

I hate typing on mobile uugh

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Wow ice block. Wasn’t that set the special one(Think Ice Kait and Ice Jack)? I could’ve sworn I saw this being sold on eBay for extravagant prices :smirk:

Classic Theron Elite would be a great skin to return I agree. Love the shades of red and his helmet was badass too.

Say what you will but a middle finger blood spray.? That is extremely bad taste. I’m down with trash talking and all but that is really classless TC. I love gears but that pushes me really close to closing the book on this game.


They can ban you from game chat or the game for just saying this in chat or with your mic but they come out with this stuff,
Seems hypocritical and promotes the receiving player with becoming angry

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How do you feel about the reeling the bird emote?

Is that the one where the player pretends to be shooting pistols?