This Week In Gears 5

For the Wine! For our Thirsty Throat! Protect this Delicious Fluid at all cost! :wine_glass:


Good to see, that I haven´t missed anything in the last four weeks, where I played other games.

Only maybe one week ago I start the game short, take a look in the hosted horde matches, wondering that there are 6 sites of matches and after clicking eight matches and get the response “you can not join, because…” so I tooked gears out of the console and state of decay 2 in the console again.

I think gears 5 is a game, which I´am going to play every time, when a new operation starts. So new OP, play three weeks to the general and then play other games until the next OP comes.
Wreally good job TC.

How… Why? The concept of updating software or hardware is to make it better. Increase game sales, make inprovements in glitches etc. Who the fark is providing this feedback for improvements? I juat want to be in on that meeting…

“Dude!! I was soooo totes playing Crash Bandicoot while watching the Witcher on Netflix and after the 5th line of coke I came up with this great idea… Let some just rehash some crap and have no original ideas and try to make money from it!!”

FML TC… Fix the game we have all come to love, not ruin it!!!

Much awesome. Great wow

I hate to say it but I think they are just keeping the game going. When the shop no longer brings in the cash flow they want or the player basis drops to a certain point they will probably stop supporting the game.

Will we get a younger Sarra Connor!? The old one looks like a blond Michael Jackson! :unamused:

You guys seriously need to relax…the game just came out second half of last year. Barely at the end of TOD2… It’s not like the games of old, ppl need things to do. Dailys are a part of it…TOD… achievements, etc…you don’t have to spend cash to enjoy it. Bugs are a part of every BIG game. As far as the “player basis dropping…stop supporting the game” comment?
It happens in EVERY game. Eventually every game loses support…just like old outdated phones. But not in the first year- even Fallout 76 can attest to that!

This franchise NEVER had this many bugs. This product was not polished before it released. Every other gears game I pre ordered I was able to play the campaign with no issues. This one I had to wait 2 weeks to finish due to constant crashes, resets after every cut scene and game breaking bugs. I could accept 1 mode having some bugs but there was not one game mode that worked without issues at launch. Even though Gears 1-Judgement weren’t theirs, 4 was and that worked just fine at launch for me. TC took a Mustang, slapped a Ferrari logo on it and told me “It’s just as good.”
Don’t defend this. This game should not have released when it did. “It’s okay to like a game and still criticize it.”

Im not spending cash. The only time I spent money was when Baird came out and that was so I had someone new to lvl up while unlocking Lizzie. Low and behold, I unlock Lizzie and now I cant use her because her ult crashes the game.

It doesn’t paint a pretty picture when it’s been this early in the games launch. It get’s even grimmer when you also factor in 1 map every 6 months instead of 2 every 3 months, and the big cheese got another job.