This Week In Gears 5


I can forgive the store, the events, the lack of characters (begrudgingly) BUT the game must work first!


And still they ignore the support tickets, the forum posts, tweets and so on

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I’ve read where some support tickets were now being addressed. Slow though for sure.


CAN WE please get some new maps. Atleast 1 new 2 v 2 map ( all fathers center) and not switch every round. Just make it 4 or 5 new 2 v 2 maps.

If u cant do new vs map. Rereleased DAWN. Aesthetically ? Its top 5 easy. Probably higher.

And and PS

Can we get a 7 or 8 clip gnasher please

Fixing rank can be secondary over wht i just recommended.

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I’m going to ask this, but I’m afraid I already know the answer. Are they seriously trying to sell us the letter L for 50 iron and putting it in a update like it’s something we’re supposed to be excited about?

I agree. Kinda like this one from 4

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One character skin a week needs to stop. See those small squares on the right with the mark and the banner…make the two middle items small like that. Then you get a 2x2 square. Add a second skin slot.

Populate with skins that are worth buying not stuff that should be added to the supply pool. This JD skin should have been in supply along with Helmetless Warden and “Classic” Kait. Classic? It can’t be classic if it’s been one game. Character designs from 13 years ago are one thing, but a character three years old? Kait isn’t even worthy of Anya’s armor anyway.

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I take it you don’t know what a wrap around shot is. The ability to wrap your shot around cover to kill ppl like you who wont do anything but sit there. That’s not going to be changed bro lol sorry to disappoint.

Can we mark TC with an L?


So many haters… Aside from having to pay for insignificant things…, people seem to complain about everything else as well. I enjoyed Gears of war and I have not spent one dime paying for anything. I earned my characters the hard way, and although there will always be bugs somewhere, I make the best of the gameplay as is. I think the biggest problem are the ■■■■■■■■■ in MP, Horde, Escape,
who think you need to have a microphone and be level 16+ to play on intermediate and advanced difficulty, and will kick you if you are not. I got kicked out of a match yesterday being level 14 on beginner trying to nab grenade kills for TOD daily… All I did was purchase some grenades from the fabricator at level 26…wtf.


Not talking about a wrap around there :joy::joy:

Talking about literally dying behind cover lol.

Like this


How do you do the ‘wrap around’ ?

I’ve had it done to me lots of time and I actually pulled it off once, but I ain’t got a clue how I did it ! Fluke !! :wink:

Haha oh lord

Thats ridiculous, the only good skin they have sold in the esports bit and they cut a load of it of to some exclusive sign up rubbish.

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I found it extremely disappointing as well. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get them from the Mexico City stream in March. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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@TCBcryingTLC I saw your request for more horde content. I missed the Halloween event. I was in a, “im not playing the game right now because of performance” frame of mind. I put the game down for about a month. Jingle Juvies was a fun time killer. And I definitely enjoyed it. But something with a little more substance would be fun. Horde actually plays and performs very well compared to verses. A really big Horde event would be fun.

I also think the winter armor Kate is dope. I wish it had been sold in the store as well. I did get a “Classic JD” skin in supply. That and a really sweet “relaxed” gnasher. Ya know, from what I’ve seen from the past and present, TC seems to have pretty talented graphic artist. I don’t know why they don’t just turn them loose and offer something daily in the store. Its not like you’ve got to re-invent the wheel every day to make a gnasher or Lancer skin. Right? Its all off if templates I would think.

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I check back every now and again when im bored. And I honestly don’t know why. The whats ups never have anything worthwhile

There was tons of QQ about daily store item I think.

Makes sense. They just seem to be pretty talented artist.

And later reinstalled GoW4… and Gears5! :upside_down_face:
But at least GoW4 was finally worked for me, again. :slightly_smiling_face: