This Week In Gears 5

It was given away for playing matches at

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I had a feeling that TC would be dropping winter Jd soon, he looks like hell though. It’s just scarred Jd with a minor color scheme tweak… barely noticable difference.

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This week in Gears 5: TC: “Cant overcome our horrible hit detection? Dont worry we have a solution. Here is our horrible matchmaking. Now with our horrible hit detection try overcoming this Masters Rank with no shotgun delay and host shotgun one shotting u from 5 ft away featuring a 200 ping. As always thank you for enjoying our game.”


The store is straight up trash.


Where’s the actual good content?

I’m waiting and ready to spend money but clearly TC want none of it with another Winter Skin variant that should be in ToD, a banner and mark that aren’t premium at all and offering a part weapon set that should be in Supply.

Just Copy and Paste some Gears 4 Skins, pretty much all the eSports stuff and a few of the other good ones.

Gears 5 is severely lacking in quality and quantity.


I know your wallet is chomping at the bit man.

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I wouldnt invest one penny in this game (if u want to call it that). It feels like it gets worse every week. Im honestly only going to continue playing this game so i can create a highlight reel of the bs in this game.


TC - I hate you so much that it’s not even funny.

You add wool to the collar, change the shade of the armor and ask for it 500 iron. In game one winter card. One. These kits are absolutely ridiculous. Why so much attention to them?

I don’t mind supporting a good developer a couple extra dollars. But you only deserve a couple of good kicks from Microsoft.

Fix Horde. Fix Gnasher. Fix Wall bounces. Fix Lanser. Fix PC version. Fix. Fix. Fix.

Even the latest noob knocks me down with the Lancer in a couple of seconds. Or kills several opponents in a row from Gnasher just walking and not removing the sight. Trying to dodge and bounce is just useless.

You say you work a lot. What are you working on? Arcade? FFA? Omen? Who asked you to do this?

If someone decides to write a letter to Microsoft and boycott the game - tell me where to sign.


After Winter it will probably be Desert Skins

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Yea the last few weeks as a Lizzie main got me feeling like I’m being picked last for Dodgeball or something. Every lobby is just “1-50. NO LIZZIE”

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That’s because Lizzie is glitched. They don’t want you crashing the match.

How long has this bug been going on?

Since TU4.

I know

you know, when the community was playing Gears 4 I totally understood the lack of creativity with the Events that took place because it would mean a lot of work to go back and make that kinda of stuff the community was suggesting.

Now? christ what a letdown these events have been. just more OSOK/golden gun rehashing.

where’s the innovation?

  • 2v2 on the standard maps
  • 2v2v2v2 (wing man)
  • 7v7 on that standard maps
  • reverse Arms race
  • throw back 4v4 Execution
  • simplified Beast mode (abilities are there/Hijacked)
  • give Dodgeball an event
  • throw team Versus into the FFA maps

I genuinely think that someone noticed they had an entire column of unused Medals in the event section and they had to scramble to fill them out with useless things to do. things not even related to the events


Maybe flower skin variants!? :hibiscus:

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My friend @T0NY_HAYABUSA Tony if Gears 5 ever gets better we have to play " INSANE HORDE ADVENTURES " with me. and we’ll invite our friend THE MONSTERCLOWN @TC_Clown !! :smile:


I think im going to buy this.

It will match my reup roman numeral soon :smiley:


Noooooo why they make the winter armour with bald jd he is so ugly, should’ve made a version with jd with hair

This wouldn’t surprise me given their track record.

So very true. The reason they’re loosing players left and right and fail to see that.

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