This Week in Gears 5: September 8th - 14th

Think it may start Thursday of Friday.

Find out in the next episode of “gears 5 whats up”

On thusday…

Gotta give TC props on these Retro skins. Looking sick on my Ice/Esports Kait! Best ones since Kryll IMO.

Not expecting much for Thursday then.

audible sigh


I don’t know what is more boring " THIS WEEKS IN GEARS 5 " or watching 2020 Mulan…

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@D_A_N_III_3_L Watch that instead, it is on Netflix


Has anybody tried the new dev playlist? Is the shotty consistent on it?

The disney 1 ?? I watched that…:sleepy: there is another 1 out thats better tho.

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If you’re talking about the newest Mulan that is live action, trust me man … you won’t like it.

Well, the message for something Escape/Scorpio-related seems to be online already. As expected from TC.


Still no news on the Ring Leader achievement being broken since Operation 4

They haven’t kept their word on changing the odd values so I wouldn’t expect a fix anytime soon.


A decent map more along the lines of AllFathers Arena/Reactor would have been a boost we desperately need in this game. There are very few good maps in this game and maps such as Bunker, Icebound and Pahanu are avoided by the majority of the community.

This game needs maps.


Yes i watched the new mulan🥱 ive watched 2 mulan films in the last 2/3 months
The another one has a slightly different story but with better "kung-fu"lol

Apologies for off topic post.

call me old fashioned but I value quality over quantity

As do I and this game lacks quality maps.


define “quality” maps

I personally think they would’ve been better off not making any new maps in Gears 5 to begin with, Gears 2/3 had a plethora of great maps for them to remake. Remakes are done horribly in Gears 4/5 because its the same handful of maps every time that get remade, so when you see that BloodDrive or Gridlock or Clocktower are getting remade it doesn’t offer you any real excitement because everybody been playing that map for years. Remake fatigue even though Gears has like 30-40 great maps that could be remade is stupid.

I suspect that Gears 5 by the end of its lifecycle will have about 40ish maps, but it doesn’t matter how many if they’re all boring/lackluster. You mentioned Pahanu, which I believe to be the worst map ever designed in Gears history (not an expert on Judgement though, to be fair) so that map hurts the game even more because not only did it take the place of what could’ve been a great map but it forces folks to vote for other 2 options or (god forbid) it actually gets voted and lobby is guaranteed to get disbanded because someone will quit.

We don’t talk about future content

Is it true theres a bird lady or something?
In this “realistic” adaptation of the Mulan story?

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Judgment had an okay selection of maps. Most of which revolved around FFA

We complained about stacks in King… never TDM…

Doesn’t make any sense. Those that complained about camping in TDM were never dedicated tdm players.

More like Roulette death match because you never know what kind of people you’ll be paired with…

Doesn’t make sense… people were vocal about king & stacks …

Why not change king to duo squads only.

You’re gonna lose more people who’ve been playing this game for 12+ years