This Week in Gears 5: Sept 22nd - 28th


The blog header image for the Sept 22 edition of This Week in Gears, featuring a Golden-skinned pistol

Golden Gun features insta-gib boltoks that can only be hipfired. Hit your shot and your weapon is instantly reloaded; if you miss get ready for the longest reload of your life.


As always, our featured Hive will stick around for a few weeks.

The Gatekeepers is a boss gauntlet hive with a number of difficult fights that you must clear to open doors blocking your path.

And to make it even crazier, we end it all with a Swarmak fight.


The new items in the Gears store for the week of Sept 22, 2020

  • 1 Year Anniversary Set – 0 Gears Coins (Last week before it’s gone!!)
  • UIR Swarm Sniper – 500 Iron
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors expression – 300 Iron
  • Target: Swarm mark – 65 Iron

The featured items for the Gear Store for Sept 22, 2020

  • Islander Lahni – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Test Tube Weapon Set – 850 Iron or 6,800 Gears Coins
  • OW bloodspray – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins

The Palace Guard Chrome Steel Skin, now available in the Gears 5 Store for a limited time.

Chrome Steel Palace Guard – $9.99 USD


It makes me happy to know that TC are doing their part to better our planet by recycling so much :sweat_smile:


just happy to see Islander Lahni back :slight_smile:

such a fine warrior needs more attention.


Islander Lahni is all I’m going for this week I guess


Shame we only get pvp events, on the odd occasion its a horde event but never for escape


@avaramis TC appears to have heard you clamoring for Islander Lahni.

Can’t really say there’s much going on for this week. Already played Gatekeepers enough and not that big of a fan of the hive, Horde still doesn’t really catch my fancy much and could really do with some proper events.

Oh, and still no news on whether we’ll be getting a skin for Lizzie. And while Kait certainly has enough I wouldn’t mind having an unarmored variant based off of the Act 2/3/4 variants in Gears 5 for her. Or even this which would look way better than the current default, even if it really just changes some colors.

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Well at least that Lahni skin is finally back again, been sitting on my iron for weeks waiting for something good.


39 Weeks Without a Lizzie Skin.

Man that Swarm UIR sniper looks sick. Can’t wait to copp it with coins next week.

Islander Lahni is a copp too.


Lahni is welcome… It’s a very great skin !


True to my word I’m going to buy it twice - once on my account and once on my sons account.
I was just beginning to give up hope and resolve to just stick with Sam, Lizzie and Kait since I could rotate those on whatever class I want in Op5.
But since Op 5 has been delayed till February then I may as well bite

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I’ve been waiting ages for a Lahni skin. This will finally fill the void for me I believe


News to me, but ■■■■ that’s disappointing.

FEBRUARY?! That’s honestly extremely disheartening. With only two escape maps left this season too… I hope they’re planning on dropping some content in all of that extra time. My attention span with no new content until February definitely won’t hold.

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It sounds more like a joke because we have to wait until November for Op 5 anyway which is like just under two months away now.

If they did actually delay it til February, which I haven’t seen stated anywhere and I would expect people to have made quite the fuss about, well, I don’t expect many to wait it out until that point in time.

37 weeks without a horde event…sigh

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So what you’re saying is @avaramis just trolled me? Shame on you lol. My gullible heart nearly broke when I read that.

But yes, if they really did delay until February, I’d almost certainly be playing a different game. I’m young. I have the attention span of a goldfish as is :smile:


No more feeling cool for being one of the few having the Islander Lahni skin . Now everyone will have it. sigh


Jokes about delays with TC fly over my head because it’s TC.

■■■■ probably gonna happen.

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Finally! Been waiting for that Lahni skin to return. The only one of the original three alternate hivebuster skins that I hadn’t purchased. Supposedly, there’s a dress Lahni, and Brash Brigade Lahni skin in the works too, or so I read?