This Week in Gears 5: October 20-26

Love the RAAM skin.

Wish they didn’t bring back the skeleton skins though & made something original

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Lol…I can’t even connect now… everytime I restart the game, it attempts to sync Gears data…never does. I join a lobby, custom or random, doesn’t matter. It will count down, attempt to load, then kick me, citing no connection to Gears Services with RIAD error which says I’m not connected to Xbox Live. I fired up Halo and CoD multiplayer, had no problem, so no issue with my Xbox live 🤷 this game constantly does not want me to play it.

I’ve had that problem before. Just let it set for a day and try tomorrow. Mine fixed itself that way.

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The trusty uninstall/reinstall seems to have worked for now

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Not really sure lol… the Raam I’ll get, but not wasting Iron if he’ll be coins next week, hoping that’s the case… didn’t care about that inside out gear last year, still don’t… have had Kait for a year, so that’s covered… so idk lol

Might do the challenges just for the sake of it… doubt I ever use that skin for her, but I do like to collect, so we’ll see lol.

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I don’t even do that… it’s happened to me a few times… but hard reset and clearing cache (hold power button on console for a few seconds while unplugged) works everytime.

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Wasn’t someone wishing for this on the forum? I’m genuinely happy that that person got its wishes fulfilled!

The medals should have been equally distributed across all game modes. They commited the same mistake as they did with the ‘Above and Beyond’ medals.

Maybe something like:
2 medals for weapon related or eliminations
2 medals for versus
1 medal for escape
1 medal for horde

This would have been appreciated if implemented.

Height of laziness on their part. Not good.

Yeah I commented that before they fixed it.

I see, yes that explains it. Feel free to ignore what I said above then.

I have to do this every single time I turn my Xbox on. I’ve done everything I could ever find on clearing cache effectively but it only ever works till the next time I turn it on.

Mmmmmmmm ok

Well it is doing it, but something is wrong that it keeps happening and keeps having to be cleared

/hollow Raam /jack /Kate (Banner is cool for free thanks TC)Sadly not going to try and get lizzy thou,

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Raam looks sick having seen him through early gameplay.

The crystals, him missing an eye.

Really nice skin.

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I thought I was going to grind for the Lizzie skin, but now learning I’d have to play versus for it :frowning: Why TC? Shortly after release I was supportive of Gears 5 and really thought the problems were going to be sorted out, but lately it’s been one bad decision and ill conceived update after another.


How else would you do it?

If you put it in horde people would just make a private lobby and get all the medals in 2 minutes. People complained that they wanted skins etc for grinding to show off, well here’s one. You can’t please everyone. If you don’t like versus, just don’t play it.

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Also these two medals are a joke compared to other versus medals.

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Why? Just why?

Why are so many medals now being locked to being forced to play versus? Since I completely hate versus, it is just putting another wall between players and the game they love.

This is just pushing me further and further away from this game.

There are two ways to fix this. Make medals for versus just actually paying it per round. As in play X rounds Of versus. Or have to where you can do it private against AI. Gears 3 has it and that was years ago.

I’ll just wait till OP5 to check back with the game.



Because they want people to play the game, not enter a room and not compete. You can still play co-op vs ai. If a skin for playing dress up is pushing you away from the game, well then it’s probably time you did find something else to play. Is gaming really locking yourself in a private room not playing the game beating up AI?

It’s one skin, jesus people act like the game is ruined because it’s on one mode they don’t like. Is a cosmetic item, I could understand the constant whinging if it was a pay to win item.