This Week in Gears 5: October 20-26

One of them was back a long time ago. COG Gear Corpse.

I suppose so. I’m sure you could ask him whether you’re supposed to restart the count at 0 now or conveniently ignore this thing.

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I should do that. I’m thinking I’ll continue the count since it’s technically a re-skin


Well in my view when they give us a Winter Armor skin for her it can be stopped. But we all know how unlikely that is, given they randomly stopped doing them after Baird and gave him a Desert skin before finishing the Winter skins for characters that they would have been fine on.

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Agreed. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes next. Maybe we’ll make it to 100 weeks. Who knows.

Lame, glad I kept my expectations low, at least Skeleton Kait will give me reason to spend my stockpile of coins.

No update on load times for escape or kicking people from lobbies?

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So now I have to play KoTH to get a character skin? Atleast with the smoke skins the only tolerable version imo of KoTH was available. Should have just been like chainsaw 30 enemies (more gore for Halloween/sp00ky time)

General RAAM if he was potentially resurrected… Hm.

I like it.

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Updated with the proper medal group details


That’s better I suppose

Hmm as much as I want that Murder Pool Lizzie I’m not playing the cancer that is versus. Sorry. It’s a no for me lol.


What difference does it make whether you can play it on Master or Inconceivable when it won’t count towards any progression towards achievements unless you literally never played Frenzy or 50 because some genius at TC decided in Horde, only the variant with the most time played would count for achievements? Don’t recall exactly when but that’s definitely a thing that happened.

Either way, point is, there’s hardly a difference between Incon and Master as is. So seeing as the event wouldn’t contribute towards much of anything, the absence of Master for it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

The question you pose is valid regardless though.

Also, the medals were incorrect. Check the OP again.

I wish they’d make it available in custom for the duration of the event so we can play around with different difficulties/modifiers, but it wouldn’t make sense to just remove it in a couple of weeks.

You make a good point @AmicableWall421 as there really isn’t an incentive to master this event. There’s literally no reason to play it if it only reward 4 cards. Frenzy is a much more efficient time investment. We will see tomorrow.

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T.C. at this point should just add these modes to custom matches. All event modes should head there since we don’t really get anything out of them afterwards.


I’m just grateful for something to do until the new operation. Medals will probably be done in a few hours worth of natural play without grinding though.

I really enjoyed the horde event last year. Wish it was available as private.


Awful. Deleting this trash ■■■ game. Good riddance. Gears of Mexico

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Hollow Raam looks cool


Hollow Raam got me hyped!


A tinge of discouragement to see another skin I paid for will soon be offered for free. But others have had this happen many more times than has happened to me, and been taken for much more money than it has costed me. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before every paid-for skin, besides CS, is obtainable free of charge. I’d be a hypocrite to pretend not to also benefit from this trend as I plan to procure Skeleton Kait using coins myself. On a positive note, I’m feeling that Hollow RAAM skin. Terrible quality on the Lizzie pic though, so can’t give my opinion on it yet.