This Week in Gears 5: October 20-26

OCT 19, 2020


This week begins our 2020 Halloween festivities. We’re kicking things off with a spooky store update and menacing Horde event. For you PvP players, don’t worry Pumpkinball will make its dramatic return next Tuesday.

We’re also adding a new Medal Group. Complete the following to earn the fearsome Murder Pool Lizzie skin.

Fireworks Show Get 50 Kills with the Boomshot All 3
Halloween Sharpshooter Get 25 Headshots with the Longshot All 3
Murder-Pool Get 150 Eliminations across Halloween events Versus 4
Monster Survivor Survive 20 Waves of Mad Man’s Monsters Horde 3
Haunted Victory Collect 5 Match Wins across Halloween events All 5
Haunted Veteran Complete 30 Rounds of Versus Halloween events Versus 3

The Murder Pool Lizzie skin


The icon for the Boomsnipes Versus Event

We’ve gone deep into the way back machine for this week’s Versus Event. The classic Gears of War 3 BoomSnipes playlist is back! This insane 5v5 TDM variant has a loadout made for carnage: Longshot, Boomshot and a Snub (not that you’ll need it).


The horde logo for the Mad Man's Monsters Event

The classic 20 wave Horde event, where COG Heroes go head to head with Swarm enemies wearing Juvie Pumpkin Heads, Frankenstein’s Imago, and Sires


The Split is sticking around for a bit longer.

The Split forces you to make a choice. Do you head to the med-bay where you can give yourself an “extra life” or will you make your way to a fabri-station where you can get some lethal weapons.

Which will you choose?


The new items in the Gears store for the week of October 20, 2020

  • Jack O’Lantern Jack – 500 Iron
  • Hollow RAAM – 500 Iron
  • Halloween 2020 banner – 0 Gears Coins

The featured items in the Gears store for the week of October 20, 2020

  • Skeleton Suit Kait – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Inside Out COG Gear – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Halloween 2019 bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Gears Coins

A Locust Drone with the Chrome Steel Armor

Chrome Steel Locust Drone – $9.99 USD


TC trying their best to not call these new skins “zombie”. Nothing too exciting. Will snag skeleton Kait for sure but the rest is lukewarm to me. Also never gonna play Boom-Booms, or errr…Boom-Snipes.

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Why is this MP based? Whether it’s co-op vs AI or not. I guess this is how it will always be for certain skins now huh?

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First of all Missed opportunity for a burn victim Lizzie skin and should’ve just called him Jack-o-lantern

Second, again the medals are more Versus oriented. Again only two of them should be for Versus strictly. Then two should be for all modes and two be for PVE that way nobody should have to play KOTH for 3 hours for these damn skins.

Hollow RAAM is sick and though it’s a re-skinned Motor pool I do appreciate this Lizzie skin and will (probably) grind for it


Why is that photo of Lizzie so bad though? Damn


I want Coronavirus mark and “ You’ve been quarantined” blood spray.
Though on a second thought, maybe not. Fix the damn glitch with Clayton cards.


Well we finally get a new Lizzie skin! I’m not sure what the Lizzie fans will make of it though…


The medals are 100% the same as those for the Smoke weapon skins. Literally.

And this certainly isn’t the Lizzie skin I want. Not only do I not use anything zombie related, it literally looks awful. Although that’s probably the intention in a way. Still, wasn’t interested in a reskin of a Lizzie skin I still didn’t bother getting when it was free.

Your answer is above. This looks boring. Sure as hell not worth the effort getting for what looks like the same medal group as the smoke skins I still have not gotten because they’re not interesting.

So basically… still waiting for a Winter Armor skin for her.


Huh. Interesting. I thought it looked familiar, but didn’t want to say until I logged on to look at the TOD. My money is now on this being a TC error - they probably got this new medal group muddled with the previous one and copied and pasted it across. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am partially suspecting the same. @TC_Sera Anything you can tell us here?

Hadn’t noticed that about the medals tbh. Though I agree with the Lizzie skin being a poor design choice and lazily done to me it’s better than her original motor pool skin to as it’s not as bright and I hate hivebuster skins.

I hope this horde event rewards more than 4 cards. Will it only have 3 difficulties like the other public lobbies? Meaning we can’t master it? Sucks there aren’t medals to unlock for the event.

I’ll still keep using the default anyway. Til they provide something I’m actually interested in, whether it be something with more of a certain type of appeal like some of the Kait variants, or otherwise.

Some great content there, thanks. Not sure I will have time to grind out the skin reward though.

45 weeks later we get a Lizzie skin… And this is it?


Default Lizzie is best Lizzie. This event skin was a missed opportunity though.

And isn’t lizzie’s face just Kaits? I feel like they could’ve just played around with some of Kaits skins and created a good Lizzie skin


Are you now counting for Rez?

I never really looked at those peeks beneath the mask tbh. But I’m sure people won’t hate me too much when I say Kait is more, uhm, interesting to look at when it comes to a certain body area, than Lizzie.

The face would be covered at pretty much all times anyway. So it wouldn’t matter as much as the helmet and rest of the body, I would think.


Yes. Someone’s gotta do it lol.

I really wish the skins weren’t so blurry so we could see how they look.

And if zombie skins are back just bring back the zombie Carmine’s.

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