This Week in Gears 5 - October 12-18

Happy Holidays, TC! :smiley:


oh, is there no this week in gears 5, this week?

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No, not this week.

Afaik there is no store update or new events in the last week of the operations and next week operation repeat begins

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No because today is Holiday in Canada where the base of TC is.

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Oh yeah! It’s almost turkey time. :poultry_leg: Happy Thanksgiving

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What they should’ve done really is doubled up on content with last weeks TWIG.

No biggie though, the maintenance feel is very real now.

No sad Dom still?

Cmon TC you’re lacking here.


I thought they weren’t gonna post a twig, but there would still be new content this week. Guess this OP will have 2 weeks of no content? this one and the last week?

Or maybe they’ll combine this week with next week’s twig?

I think I can summarize what TWIG would have been today:

Broke stuff is going to stay broke. Keep buying that iron though, thanks!

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It’s the last week of an operation, they haven’t done new stuff for the last week since op4, if ever.

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Gotcha. Haven’t been playing much, thanks for reminding me. I tried the new event last tuesday, and got d/c on the first match, after completing it. A messaged popped up saying that my stats would still be saved. Checked my progress on that FFA 14 skin set today, and nothing was saved :clown_face:

Wait! I thought we were getting COG commando variants this operation? I could have sworn I saw a photo for this op with them and Alicia and Barrack?

They said months ago said that the store would get content until the end of December. And if TC loves one thing it’s dripfeeding their garbage.

They even went through the effort of removing the Warden Executioner preview from customization again. Always focusing on the important matters.


Oh come on! Their character skins are mostly great! :grin:

Won’t be home to check today, did the weekly stuff become available for coins yet or did TC forget about that before they went on holiday?