This Week In Gears 5: November 3rd - 9th

Even if it’s mediocre, it’s better than the state that Gears 5 is currently in.

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I downloaded tactis when it launched , played a few missions after the tutorial and dropped it shortly after… The gameplay is way too slow and gets repetitive real quick for me.

Went back to gears 5

Mediocre isn’t the right word, more like boring.

Anyone that thought a turn based strategy Gears game was a great idea is crazy.

Gears 5 is fun as hell when it works (like 90% of the time)

Those UIR skins look great!

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The best thing about Operation 5 is we will be another step closer to the game being in it’s “final form”. With all of the constant design and tuning changes, it still feels like a Beta.

Glitched is back, Cool but it’s not like we haven’t begged you to rerelease the full chrome steel set

Also, Holy smokes the Uir offiicers look insane, TC can knock it out of the park when they want too

Also another operation bundle weapon set bites the dust.

Let’s be fair though, it was the worst one.

If your expecting something fast paced in a “turn based RTS” you will be disappointed, but if your expecting a better XCOM then its awesome.


Depends if you’re into that kind of thing really. It’s very different to the usual GOW games. I’m personally looking forward to it cos I love XCOM, but you don’t like strategy, then this may not be for you.


Why not just put them in the “Character Skins” section?


It’s pretty fun. Played through the whole campaign and extra missions after for the legendary gear.

My only gripe is that there are very limited amount of classes.


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Question seconded. I’d buy them, for GP.

I’ve always wanted something like that.No guns or anything like that, just a melee brawl.Maybe a mode where you have your knife in your hand and there are other knife pickups that can be used as throwing knives.

Like UIR set, No disrespect by saying this a big no for the disco weapons skin,The UIR are fantastic,well done TC,bought the duo.:sunglasses:

I really enjoyed the campaign of tactics.
The veteran mode gets boring really quickly as there is no escalating difficulty or modifiers.

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You get Gabe for an achievement ?

Yeah you unlock Gabe diaz in 5 for completing the tutorial. I play both Gears 5 and tactics on PC and gears 5 on console. So I dont know if I unlocked him or I have to do it when Tactics launches

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I wish these new characters and cosmetics were only unlockable through challenges, not simply buying them



Since there wont be more updates to the store… this means the UIR skins can only be purchased with iron?

Y’all are trolling me.

Just brought up the glitched skins 2 days ago & here they are.


Everything looks good.

I think OP5 doesn’t come till the 17th so it will probably be the last new items in the store until then

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