This Week In Gears 5: November 3rd - 9th


We’re approaching the end of Operation 4, so we’ve got a couple of updates for Gears 5 to take us to the end of the season.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 3) we’re adding the final two objectives in our Versus Event Medal group:

  • 50 Torque Bow eliminations
  • 25 Gnasher eliminations

On Wednesday, Nov 4, you get to vote for the final Versus event you want to play in Operation 4. You’ll get to pick from three choices; keep an eye on our social channels, so you can make your vote count.

Finally, this is the last week the store will be updated with new content. Once Operation 4 ends, all items in the Operation section of the store (except Marks and the District weapon set) will head into the vault; so, if there is anything you really want – now is the time to grab it.


The Versus Playlist Torque bow Tage banner image

Like the childhood game just with less touching (no melee) and a little more on the line…like instead of being “it” you blow up.

Torque Bow tag is a Free for All playlist where all players spawn with just a 5-shot Torque Bow tuned up for faster detonations and a little extra ‘boom’. All weapons on the map have also been replaced to provide additional ammo, and the winner is the first player to hit 25 Torque kills.

Happy Hunting.


​In The Mist, you and your squad must navigate your way to the exit through a dense fog. Keep your head on a swivel as the enemies will use the lack of visibility to their advantage to ambush you any chance they get.


The new items from the Gears Store for the week of Nov 3, 2020

  • UIR Officer Duo Bundle (Male & Female) – 750 Iron
  • UIR Officer (Female) – 500 Iron
  • UIR Officer (Male) – 500 Iron
  • Disco Floor Full Set – 850 Iron

The featured items from the Gears Store for the week of Nov 3, 2020

  • DB Industries Jack – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Dressy Full Set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Gears Coins
  • Museum Full Set – 850 Iron or 6,800 Gears Coins
  • THNX bloodspray – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins

The Chrome Steel Onyx Guard Vermello

  • Chrome Steel Onyx Guard Vermello – $9.99 USD

The Gears Esports Glitched Weapon Skin

  • Glitched Full Set – $9.99 USD
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a Grenade tag playlist would be fun :joy:


Anyone know if the Glitched set is stream or store-content?

Doesn’t this pretty much mean that OP5 will release Nov 10th?

Store. It’s impossible to buy from stream.

Dana said 17th so you might be right.

So far.

Store I presume… Kinda dirt bag move by TC since I spent 7,50 (750 iron) on the load out set only.

Glitch set is cool but I dont really care for esports so I might pass on it

Those UIR officer skins are nice, might try em out



What’s that? News article? reads

Yeah, wake me when Op 5 comes, or next week for the Campaign update.

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Those UIR skins are so damn good

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bruh one of them has a cape :scream:


I think the helmets need a better look tho.

Those UIR Officer skins are actually pretty sick. I would love to have a game or DLC centered around the UIR or the Pendulum Wars, in general.

Also, does this mean I can’t buy them for gold (or whatever the hell the currency is called) next week? Or, what’s the deal?

I might just use my Iron, I don’t wanna risk it.


You know OP 5 is close and I can’t bring myself to be to excited about it tbh. Maybe for Gabe Diaz as he’s a neat character imo.
Though whether or not I unlocked him is beyond me since not much info was dropped past doing the tutorial on which I did complete but on PC. I hope I dont have to install Tactics on my console just to unlock him I mean I’m going to anyway because I like the game but still.

Those skins are crunchy.

I’m more excited for Gears Tactics than Operation 5.


well your gonna be awfully disappointed then.

Downloaded tactics about a month ago, haven’t bothered to finish it since.

Looks like I’ll actually be playing versus this week. I love me some torque bow tag.