This Week in Gears 5 - March 16th 2020

Usually your memes are pretty good and interpretable, but not sure if this one is in favor or against, haha

What I meant with that gif was I was about to argue against your post but realized I couldn’t because there is nothing inherently wrong with it :slightly_smiling_face:


That is the correct answer :laughing:


Hopefully next week they’ll re-release that cool looking boltok execution or the Warm Glow weapon skins for starting loadout. I didn’t get the chance to get them then since I didn’t have enough iron.

Edit: They could bring back the daily store content and sell already seen items. I’m fed up waiting weeks after weeks crossing my fingers for content that might interest me.

These should cost 250 Iron, they’re just two variants of the Onyx Guard with some blue…

I fixed it for you…


Hahahah this made my day

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I mean, hell… I wish I had a product that I could just change the color of and charge a premium for myself.

It’s very clear that TC are scrambling to give us something to throw our money at because they are so hindered by their own Hero class system. I’d be willing to bet that when these things hit the store, it was a very last minute decision because they couldn’t come up with anything else, so they just hit the color palette and called it a day…

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Debatable, sure. But I say 2019 as it’s when they stopped “playing safe” and turned the Franchise in a terribly disastrous direction.

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People bought them so they don’t need to change the price. Tc is only a small part of the problem. Remember when People just played games and the word skins only related to sex.

Hey, look at this:

TC creating DLC?


Where’d you get that from? And it could also just be something from when they were looking into what to use as a trailer for Escape at E3 last year. But who knows. 2:14

Whatever it is, it looks great.

Looks like a prototype for the Escape intro.

Anyway, free boost for COVID-19 is a great gesture.

Prices change all the time on things. They could have a skin sale.

Where’s Islander Lahni?
I must now continue to regret not buying her when I had the chance. I didn’t realize how much I would love playing her.
Consider my money spent on that skin, just as soon as you’re ready to take it :wink:

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Bernadette Mataki’s where it’s at

All I want to know is when Fahz defected and became a drone of the Locust Horde!

(Winter Armor Fahz description is wrong)

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Id go a little further back and say they’ve been doing this since Gears 4 lol