This Week in Gears 5 - June 29 - July 7

It lives up to its name that it’s S-crap.

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The previous operation had all characters and weapon skins available at the final 2 weeks. So they have the capability to place all of this Operation’s items in the store. Just more FOMO b.s.

They can do a skin a week? They can have whoever makes them finish the entirety of the next operation’s worth of store content while we’re on the current one. Then release all of the store content at once, and leave them all available untill the next Operation launches. That way no one misses out unless they choose not to. The store isn’t a brick and mortar location, items aren’t jockeying for shelf space here so there’s no reason to removeanything each week. It’s all digital and it’s all server side. There’s no reason not to do so because TC has already done it. Just excuses.

Gonna be pissed if I can’t finish the set… also going to show why this was one of the rare times I bought portions at a time, relying on them to deliver the full set by the end.

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Totally agree with you my friend,I’ve held back on the gun skins til theses cobweb(s)came out,I’m hoping they will appear next Tuesday in store,

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Welcome, RezRoller to our lovely community :^)

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We are definitely a non-toxic community! :innocent:

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Never have and never will be toxic!

-Bring back the OG Gnasher!

They must have meant a different day cause they never tweeted a poll. I know yesterday was a Canadian holiday so I guess was a typo.

I suspect they meant Thursday(today) and just made a mistake.

Probably so. I know Dana said no stream today but I hope there’s a Whats Up and a snippet of Operation 4. At least something.

well they pretty much said they’d reveal Operation 4 details next week so I’m guessing next Monday (possibly Tuesday) is when they’ll give us the biz.

Update: they posted something on twitter like 30 minutes ago.

Speak for yourself. I’m a mess.

This makes me think they’ll split the news over blogs throughout the week again. Probably get the official announcement and trailer Tuesday, then separate PvP/PvE blogs later. Then the patch notes on the 13th.

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Almost a year in. They are struggling for new maps. All maps feel like a box. The lack of worth while content is insane. You can definitely tell this game was released way to early. They honestly should of held off for the next gen xbox. I went back to Gears 3 to help a friend out. Horde is much more fun. The maps still feel newer than what Gears 5 has. If that insane glitch Epic Games was never able to fix didnt hit hard. I would still be playing that.


lol they’ve kinda always been like that, but I see what you mean with regards to Gears 5’s lackluster state.

Seriously why wasn’t all of this figured out before the game was released. Slide speed isn’t an issue for consumer that’s q and a.

26 Weeks without a Lizzie skin.

It’s been half a year since they’ve last released a Lizzie Skin.

6 months.

Brb commiting sudoko rn.

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So TC…


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It’s been even longer since they released a new Terminator skin. Get in line.

They’re gonna change terminator skins next week, so checkmate Marky Mark.