This Week in Gears 5 - June 29 - July 7

It doesn’t count if I don’t remember. :face_with_monocle:

You’re no god so it definitely does. A smart emoji monocle doesn’t count even if you’re from the UK.

TC lets add these changes aswell as everything on the dev playlist, lets go !

They like to offer consistent yet humble content, instead of a huge drop every few months (Operations are an example of this, always sorta underwhelming for this reason)


Right, that’s 25 Gnasher kills done. See you next week, versus mode!

No esports this week?

you don’t need it man hahahahhaa :smiley: its boring as hell

unless you’re in for the skins… which mostly most of us are hahaha.

I wanted my chrome lizzie!!!


The esports update is that they removed Chrome Steel Jermad and replaced him with nothing.


Not sure about other maps but icebound (event)has a cryo gun. Was that in Gears 1 or is it a goof?

Probably a goof because Gears 1 has no such weapon.

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Just a color swap for Cole and this crappy set “scrap” probably named to rub it in for not giving us our scrap for another week.

Even better. They removed Jermad, put the Katana skins back in and a huge “F**K OFF, try again in 2 weeks”.

sooooooo you guys say in the developer stream you were leaving the movement where it was…then can you please explain to me why you decreased the speed…again…after last time you almost lost your entire community…are you literally trying to destroy the franchise…bc thats how the game feels…destroyed…f***ed…LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY AND MAKE THE MOVEMENT FASTER!!! NOT SLOWER!!! F YOUR GAME, on god im done playin it, somebody let me know when it is hyperbounceable again, like gears 4 fast or faster…until then,ill leave this game to the ppl that have no idea how to even play it. PEACEEEEEEEEEEE


There’s a thread for this btw

maybe leave your opinions about it there instead?


Scrap the scrap set
Please and thank you,
The Community

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PVP unplayable !
The movements are no longer the same, impossible to rotate, to aim correctly as if I were in an invisible marshmallow!
It got worse with their new tunings.
And soon, They will reduce the sliding speed of the lid … this announces the end of the game for me.
In addition, putting different tunings of the pve will ensure that the community will be separated into 2 clans

Costed me 1k Iron for that Marcus, just to get a cooler one for free in the tour grumbles thanks for the reminder.

It looked like a reskin of Battle Worn from Operation 1. Especially with that tape wrapped around the weapon. At least Battle Worn was free unlockable from Tour of Duty, meanwhile this version of Scrap skin costing Iron.

Not even worth the 300 iron man for a whole weapon set when it’s a literal copy and paste skin, I wouldn’t even use my scrap for it if I could lol