This Week in Gears 5 - February 24th 2020

FEB 24, 2020


This Week In Gears 5 is our quick-fire Monday update to fill you in on everything happening in-game for Gears 5 over the next week!

Here’s what’s coming up for the week of February 18th – 25th:


We’re bringing back Arcade Double Trouble Blitz to give you a second chance at earning the ‘Big Game’ Medal, which unlocks the Punt execution – a fast new favorite out there in the community. Don’t miss out.

For you Tour completion hunters, this is also a great event to rack up a ton of progress on those Arcade medals!


Double Character XP Weekend is back and we’re dropping it hot into Escape!

We’re doubling the Character XP rate of Boost all weekend (Friday – Sunday), up from the usual 2x rate to 4x! If you aren’t Boosted, we’ve got you covered with a free Boost drop every day beginning Friday at 2am PT.


We have a second smaller hotfix in the works that we are submitting to Certification today. Pending timelines, this may release this week or early next week.

Once timing is confirmed, we’ll bring you the final date and full patch notes in this week’s What’s Up. This hotfix will include further fixes for key issues like the AI killing DBNO enemies too quickly in PVE, flashbang effects persisting on screen and more.


Winter Fahz

  • Winter Fahz Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Animated Windfare Longshot Weapon Skin – 400 Iron
  • Neon Wave Sniper Weapon Skin Set – 500 Iron
  • YOLO Blood Spray – 200 Iron
  • Tomato Mark – 50 Iron

I find it funny that all the people who were complaining there would be less updates were so wrong. We’re getting more than ever now. Good job on the communication TC!


“Once timing is confirmed, we’ll bring you the final date and full patch notes in this week’s What’s Up. This hotfix will include further fixes for key issues like the AI killing DBNO enemies too quickly in PVE, flashbang effects persisting on screen and more.”

Awesome! @Krylon_Blue


Okay, first of all, Beach Body Fahz > Winter Armor Fahz.

Second, thank you TC. I made a forum post on last week’s update asking for Arcade Double Trouble to return because of the push of Operation 3 to March 31.


eh, i was hoping for some comment on the shotgun changing 3 times recently (and hopefully changing again soon).
Too much damage at range right now and how did 500 damage at close range give more consistant gibs?

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Soooooo? No hot fix for this 200 POKE DAMAGE ON THE GNASHER.??

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Lol well I called Winter Fahz being the last skin of the operation and was correct. I just…wanted to be wrong. Fahz is my favorite character in the series. Even from his initial trailer appearance. I also think him and Del were starting to not loathe each other and gained a lot of respect for the other and I liked that dynamic. Then we all know what TC did…so…they kinda succeeded and it was a gut punch almost.

Man I hate “the choice” so much. I’d love to learn more about both JD and Del and how Del became so tech savvy (apprenticeship with Baird perhaps? He’s most like Del and since him and JD were childhood buddies Baird would have been his “uncle” type figure as well.) and have JD and Fahz co M op missions perhaps. Both JD and Del have a lot to explore story wise. The choice was effective in that regard but I feel TC shot themselves in their foot.

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Still no word on the bug that eats scrap without upgrading horde cards? Seems like that would be a priority.


Coming soon to the store
Winter onyx guard
Winter Mac
Winter deebee
Winter delivery Mac
Winter Lizzie
Winter scion
Winter kantus
Winter terminator
Winter chrome steel fhaz
Winter Batista
Winter John cena
Winter fortnite llama
Winter imago
And my personal favourite, winter drunk homeless man


I like the winter skins, wish more were earnable though. I’m pretty sure its gonna be Desert set once they finish the Winter one


Can we please get better characters and skins…
And a shotgun with 8 rounds!


Winter Desert is next.

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Hehe, we can expect whole windflare set to for those that was not able to obtain arin gale skins via escape leaderboard, no offence, but I only pointing out very similar design (diffirence only in colour).

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I would buy a Winter Onyx Guard instantly

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You mean the frigid blast skins with a different hue and no snow?
At least this has funkier colours than frigid and arid, but not funky enough for my wallet

I was tempted with marcus and this fahz as their winter sets look like avengers endgame timetravel suits but the fur on the collar ruins it for me.

Yeah, but I still prefer the arin gale skins, better colour and that feel that only a few players could obtain it.

Winter Del, I believe, is the best variant so far. It’s the black and white of the armour that works instead of that pale blue. I would have bought every version of the winter armour if it looked like his. Ahh well

How about some horde events to get people motivated for a final push for the horde medals?

Probably not as it probably causes too many issues and bugs. Why else wouldn’t there be any other events?


Seek council