This Week In Gears 5 - April 6th 2020

Not really, it’s more of a permanent addition to the game than an event. It sure isn’t going anywhere.

Bout how bout some incoming patch notes on what’s wrong or whats getting fixed from the last update. You know.
Operation 3?
We are waiting for a response.

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How about for this NEW Gears we getting more NEW content.

Lizzy, Mac, Lahni, and Kegeen would like more than 2 skins. You guys missed a perfect opportunity to add a St Paddys Mac skin.


Black Jesus skin for Keegan for Easter maybe?


Actually, it’s twice as expensive as the Del skin.

All jack skins should be 250 iron max since you can only use them in horde

At least with Swarm/Locust you can play a few different Pvp modes and maybe, just maybe some beast/overrun in the future


I’m not buying any skins that I already had in Gears 4. You’re outta your minds double dipping me like this.

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Liked to know if Tai Kaliso is going to make his return on Gears 5,miss him,but sounds fun,(Bunny hunt)need some fun being in lockdown here in the U.K.cant go anywhere.:cry:except work

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Mac is Scottish… Well, he’s the equivalent anyway. His accent certainly is.

Yea I know but it was still a missed opportunity lol

Oh man please don’t talk to Madden and FIFA players.

I may get that Kryll lancer. Maybe.

(This was made by Gears 4’s concept artist lol)

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Oh boy another skin that was free in Gears 4

They’re less detailed too.

nobody cares about Lizzie.
A female carmine, thanks TC ! \s

What’s wrong with having the same game mode as last year? I enjoy getting to play snowball fight and with the cluckshot when thanksgiving and Christmas come around.

The jack skin cost does seem odd next to the del one, but it’s nice to see a char skin that isn’t so expensive though!

Depends on your definition of “event” I suppose xD

I care about Lizzie. She’s awesome - but I am good with the Motor Pool Lizzie skin until more come.
I really want another Lahni skin.

And the new horde event is…


Keep playing frenzy guys. You know you can’t get enough of random lobbies and no map choice!

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Your opinion. If you really think nobody cares about Lizzie, then you’re just completely delusional.