This Week In Gears 5 - April 6th 2020

APR 6, 2020


Kait surrounded by Swarm


Real Gears don’t hunt eggs. They hunt Swarm bunnies.

Okay that didn’t sound quite as Gearsy as we expected, but you know it and love it – Bunny Hunt is back!

Bunny Hunt is an Easter twist on Guardian featuring precision based weapons and leaders with over-sized bunny heads. Scope up and look for those tell-tale Bunny ears poking out of cover as you hunt down the enemy leader.

Play 10 matches of Bunny Hunt and you’ll be rewarded with the Easter Loadout Weapon Skin Set! Get hunting from April 7th until April 13th.


Finish them in style, like the Animal himself!

Log in to Gears 5 from now until April 20th to get the Batista Bomb Execution free to use with your trusty Gnasher.

If you missed your chance to pick up the Batista Character Skin for Marcus last year, you can also get him free until the same date! As of Operation 3, Batista also now rocks onto the battlefield with his iconic music when equipped. SO. BADASS.


Store Image. Details below.

  • Lieutenant Del Character Skin – 250 Iron
  • Circuit Board Jack Skin – 500 Iron
  • Purple Glow Power Weapon Skin Set – 500 Iron
  • Kryll Lancer Weapon Skin Set – 400 Iron
  • Horse Head Bloodspray – 100 Iron

You cant escape me you wascally wabbits. Its wabbit hunting season!


Almost like they heard me being annoyed about this thing not being out yet and thinking it wasn’t coming at all.

Yay, another Del skin that was already in Gears 4 while Lizzie still gets nothing good…


Hyped… Bunny Hunt always been my fav event anyway, followed by OSOK since I love to Snipe and I love Guardian, Bunny Hunt combines them… but eventhough it’s always been my fav, never been more hyped for Bunny Hunt since it’s the only way I can even play Guardian (mother f**kers)

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Back to our regularly scheduled filler. I guess I’ll go for the Easter loadout.

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Aren’t they going to show us what Easter weapon skins look like?

What’s special about this Circuit Board Jack? It looks like dark Jack.

The Horse Head makes no sense.

The Kryll weapon skin is animated? It kinda looks cool but it’s an Epic skin for Lancer. 400 Iron for one skin compared to Warm Glow 4 skins for 500 Iron… The Kryll is sure kinda little expensive.

I can’t imagine how much the whole Kryll set cost. Potentially up to £50 or £100?

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It’s happening. The memes are spreading.


The horse…maybe a Godfather reference!


My “pizza pasta mafia mandolino” sense is tingling!

Not a single word lost about fixing anything in this Operation 3 mess? 0_o wow


Forgive me as I ■■■■ on TC for a moment, but they are so bad at events. The first event of Operation 3 should have a little more fanfare than just a repeat from Gears 4.

I get it. It’s Easter. There’s a rabbit. A little more creativity would be nice.

At least it’s not OSOK for the thousandth time I suppose.

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Imma cop del.

He’s gotten no love since the game dropped.

Winter Armour del has the better look tho

After Johnny Cog. Chrome steel Lizzie better drop.

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I know right

Nothing about how you guys just tossed all the good changes you made to the game down the drain and now it’s back to how it was at launch. Revert the movement Gnasher and lancer to how it was with 4.11


Why do they think we need so many Jack skins?


My question is why are Jack skins the same price as other skins when you can only use it in horde


3 months straight without a horde event, nice.


Usually I see these on Gears of War’s Facebook but they never posted this one today. Weird…

Horde frenzy was a horde event