This Week In Gears 21 Dec - 28 Dec

The final he final #Gears5 store release is here: ! New Store: Executioner Warden and Toy Jack ! Featured Store: Krampus Scion, Nutcracker Shepherd & Abominable Grenadier Versus: FFA 14 Gnashers Only Jump in-game tomorrow at 10am PT!

New Store:

Featured Store:


Final? Is this the last ever store update then or last for this year?

last ever

so no more featured stores aswell?

Thanks. Wow, that’s actually created quite a strange feeling within me.

  • where will the rest of the featured cosmetics be then? (example: ronin karn )

No more feature store too. Have to just wait until they do essential drops to get previous release content. 1 should be coming at the start of season 10 which should include all of season 9 store items and probably more.

I wish the Wardens looked like that by default. Executioners is way more badass.


So Vinyl Kait really was just a dream.

Guess we can safely post it now, right?


Toy Jack is mine. Not bothered about the rest.

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Esports stream reward

Well I went back and watched the trailer and it’s not there. I must be in a few that liked the winter armour skins

If TC are no longer going to support Gears5 and GOW6 rumoured to be a long way off , will there be many ppl still playing this in 6 months


There’s still some unreleased skins and executions. Hoping they include them in the drop in Jan.

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Honestly, from a PvE side, I’d prefer if the numbers started dropping off.

As the playerbase gets smaller, the percentage of players who play it just because it’s fun goes up, while the number of people grinding and speedrunning to get an achievement goes down. I’d love to enter a Horde lobby and not have to worry about whether the guys playing know what the ■■■■ they’re doing.



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Look for a lobby title : “Join if you aren’t a coward”

You will be fine there.


Ha ha, just awful

Edit: that is aimed at TC and not you @RelaxingKoty

We must just play at totally different hours of the day because I think we’ve still only played together once.


I agree there are still to many players that don’t deposit , spend on themselves to get the daily TOD and then #### off and leave. Can be frustrating at times