This website is useless

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Another one. :roll_eyes:


Its a Tech Test to stress the servers and and get some bugs resolved


You might have won, but you were found out to be a drug cheat.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I don’t have a team I play alone but it’s true it was onyx 3 and I was winning, I was reducing my rank

Were you playing well?

Surely you meant “could have”…?


You can lose points in a win in the new ranking system. Its all based on personal performance.


Surely. :rofl:

@Drinkands_im is right and also keep in mind that the ranks are based on how many points you have on the leaderboard.

You can win and get a low amount of points due to your performance, someone quitting on the other team, being the favored team like if you are in a 5 man, etc. Another person can be playing alone, perform really well, and get more skill points and therefore jump you over in the leaderboard.

This is not like winning in Gears 4. Here, it is pretty much a mix of performance, play time, and luck.

You can’t just be onyx 3 like in Gears 4. You might go from onyx 3 to diamond 1 to gold 3 all in one week. You have to fight every day to rank up and/or maintain your rank. You can’t just sit on a rank like before and get lazy wins.

Its more fluid which is fine. The whole point of the ranking system is to match proper teams against each other.

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So you want a system like OVERWATCH… Where your team can carry you even if your performance is at level of a bronze-silver.

In overwatch you can play Lucio or Mercy then the other 5 people can do everything to carry you cuz that only matters about WIN-RATIO.

In Gears is everything about you and your SKILLS. So even if you are getting carried by a team u can still losing point to me is a good system.

yes, we might want this little tweak or that other tweak but at the end of the day it is to help the matchmaking find you a balanced match that will be worth your time.

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If this is how its working, I dont think its how its intended. You shouldn’t gain Skill Points unless you are performing better than people above you in the leaderboards. It should be all Skill based and have nothing to do with how much you play. In my experience play time didnt matter. I mean sure playing more should make you better to a degree. But you dont go up just by playing.

I dont know why people would stress over losing a position. As much as its easier to drop in rank its equally as easy to move back up. The system is just more fluid. This is a good thing it gives more people opportunity and doesnt reward getting a rank then not playing the rest of the season.

Yes, i have the same concern as you do. There are pros and cons to this ranking system.

It is a mixture of skill, play time and luck.

Skill - how you are performing in the match

play time - you definitely can kinda cheat the system by playing a lot like I’ve been saying and like you said. Someone can have not so good performances and results but they can get scraps towards the leaderboard, that is how it happened a lot in madden and fifa. There are people with mediocre records in madden and fifa but they sit high on the leaderboard. My records in those games were always efficient, which allowed me to also be placed high. I would play those people above me and blow them out easily as they were one trick ponies and really not reflective of their leaderboard position. The difference is that those games are 1v1s and Gears is a team game.

luck - who will you get on your team and play against? will they quit on your team or the other? those things affect the bottom line for your skill points.

Here is a topic I made a few days ago if you want to check it out:

I dont really get this. You dont get points for playing. You get points for out performing your immediate competition.

Yes, it is something that comes with the system.

Players have to earn their points but like @senda91 pointed out, someone who isn’t performing and winning like you can surpass you via playing time. It is very unlikely a noob will get to masters rank but someone could get around the ranking system by simply playing a lot and collecting scraps.

You can drive a lambo and it will take you 4 days to complete the trip but someone in a nearly broken down car can get there in 2.5 days because they brought their mattress and toilet with them in the car.

Lambo>broken down car in every aspect but the time put into driving gets you to your destination faster.

People who were always diamond 5 in gears 4 might struggle to get into masters and stay there as they simply won’t have that much playing time. People who never made diamond 5 or even diamond in gears 4 could potentially scrap their way into masters in gears 5.

It is a little flaw that comes with this system. Not that big of a deal but it is something to point out.