This update made the game unplayable

The game now just crashes constantly. Here is the day so far…5 attempts at venom run escape with the game failing to load in 3 times and in the two times it worked the game crashes on completion at the helicopter landing video requiring a hard reset (thankfully stats get tracked though). Incidentally both those two completions I ended up doing solo because one or other player also failed to load in. Uninstalled then reinstalled Gears and tried again. Same crash on completion. Played terminator horde, crashed on wave 3. Suggested solution: Instead of stocking the store, fix your game, which is right now unplayable

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I don’t crash, but the moment I downloaded the title update, a lot of my textures are messing up. I think I may try a reinstall tonight, because every map does something similar to this for me.

That’s messed up. Never seen that in my life

Moving onto Versus…first attempt loads me into a completed game and then crashes on loading up the next map. Second attempt, loads 8 players into lobby and spends 5 mins trying to validate the match, during which time multiple players leave and others load in. Back out to be met with infinite blue loading screen. I off to play in the road

No problem here, is it pc cos I’m on xbox

Xbox here too, playing in the UK

I’m in the UK too,

It’s seems to be completely stable today. Got an email from support saying they had rolled out some updates their side. Fingers crossed